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Understanding Why Your TikTok Views Are Going Down

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understanding why your tiktok views are going down

American adults collectively dedicate over 4.43 billion minutes daily to using TikTok. This platform not only acts as a central place for content consumption but also motivates a significant number of its users to explore content creation. Nonetheless, transitioning from a consumer to a creator is not always a seamless journey. Individuals taking this path face several obstacles, with a notable one being a dip in their video views.

This decrease in audience can be especially disheartening, as it directly affects a creator’s motivation to continue further. Grasping the factors contributing to this trend is crucial for anyone aiming to enhance their presence. From adjusting to changes in the platform’s algorithm and improving content quality, to fine-tuning their posting timing, there are various strategies to tackle these challenges.

Why Does It Take So Long to Get Views on TikTok?

Content saturation is a key factor, with countless videos competing for attention, making it harder for new uploads to get noticed quickly. Additionally, the algorithm’s method of testing content with a smaller audience before wider distribution means immediate view counts can be low. This algorithmic approach ensures that content is tailored to user preferences, but it requires time to assess engagement levels like likes, comments, and watch time.

Content quality and consistency in posting significantly impact view accumulation. High-quality, engaging videos that align with trending topics or sounds are more likely to capture the audience’s interest. Meanwhile, missing out on trends can hinder a video’s ability to gain watch time quickly. To combat these challenges, creators should focus on creating compelling content to optimize their visibility.

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Why Are My TikTok Views Going Down?

Experiencing a decrease in TikTok views can be concerning for creators who invest time into their content. This decline can be attributed to various factors, including changes to the algorithm, the presence of new or inactive accounts, failing to engage with current trends, or encountering issues like shadowbans and video reviews. Each of these elements plays a significant role in how content is distributed on the platform, impacting overall visibility. Understanding these factors is essential for creators looking to adapt their strategies and improve their content’s performance.

New or Inactive Accounts

One common challenge that leads to decreased views is associated with new or inactive accounts. New creators or those who haven’t posted in a while may find it difficult to gain traction. Consistent engagement with the platform is crucial for signaling to the TikTok algorithm that your content is relevant, thereby boosting its visibility.


A “shadowban” refers to the platform limiting a user’s content reach without any notification. While specifics on TikTok shadowbans weren’t directly found in the recent insights, the concept suggests that content could be restricted due to violations of community guidelines or other factors, resulting in decreased visibility.

Algorithm Change

The algorithm, a sophisticated AI-driven system, plays a significant role in content distribution on the platform. It’s constantly adapting based on user interactions, video details, and device preferences. When the algorithm undergoes changes, it can alter which videos are promoted or demoted, significantly impacting views. Staying adaptable is key to maintaining or improving visibility.

Not Following Trends

Engaging with trending sounds, hashtags, and content styles is vital for visibility on the platform. The platform’s algorithm favors videos that align with current trends, making them more likely to be shown to a broader audience. Failing to incorporate these trends can result in lower engagement.

Video Stuck in Review

Videos on TikTok are judged to ensure compliance with community guidelines. Although specific details on how a video review process might delay visibility were not explicitly found, it’s plausible that such delays could impact a video’s initial reach.

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Effective Strategies to Tackle Decreasing Views

For New or Inactive Accounts

  • Increase Posting Frequency: A steady stream of content keeps your account active and helps build connection with your audience.
  • Boost Engagement: Engage with the platform’s community through likes, comments, and shares to enhance your visibility.

If Experiencing a Shadowban

  • Respect the Guidelines: Ensure all content complies with their community guidelines to avoid potential shadowbans.
  • Pause and Reflect: Temporarily stopping your content posting might help reset your account’s status with the algorithm.

When Adapting to Algorithm Changes

  • Stay Informed and Adapt: Keep up with all the trends and algorithm changes to mix your content strategy.
  • Master Analytics: Use the platform’s analytics to identify what resonates with your audience and adjust your approach accordingly.

If Not Following Trends

  • Utilize Trending Elements: Incorporate trending hashtags, sounds, and participate in challenges to make your content more discoverable.
  • Align With Current Trends: Engage with the platform’s trends to attract a wider audience.

Buying TikTok Views

Exploring the option to purchase views can be a part of a broader strategy to increase visibility. You can use this option to give a nudge to your videos so they start performing better on their own. It’s crucial to partner with reputable services that understand the value of genuine engagement in building a loyal and active audience. That’s why we give our customers only organic and permanent social media engagement services. Buy TikTok Views to make your account thrive on rough waters.

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How Much Does TikTok Pay Per View?

TikTok compensates creators through the TikTok Creator Fund, where payments are based on a variety of factors. While the platform doesn’t disclose specific payment amounts, it’s estimated that creators can earn approximately $0.02 to $0.04 per 1,000 views. This means earnings are primarily calculated on a cost-per-thousand (CPM) basis, and a video with 1 million views could potentially earn between $20 to $40. The exact earnings can vary significantly depending on engagement levels, audience demographics, and the total number of participating creators in the Creator Fund.

To increase potential earnings, creators are encouraged to focus on producing engaging content that aligns with audience preferences. Eligibility for the fund requires meeting certain criteria, including a minimum follower count and video view count, highlighting the importance of consistent content engagement for monetization success on the platform.


Understanding the factors that cause fluctuations in your engagement is crucial for creators aiming to grow their presence on the platform. This guide has provided insights into the TikTok algorithm, the value of engaging with trends, and strategies for enhancing engagement. Emphasizing consistency in content quality with the audience shows the importance of familiarizing yourself with the platform and unlocking avenues for monetization.

Creators looking to expand their social media strategies and increase their watch time may find additional guidance helpful. For more advice on boosting your visibility, read our previous blog which talks about how to get TikTok views and go viral. This resource offers detailed strategies to help creators optimize their content, aiming for sustained success on TikTok.