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You have your followers and you have your likes, what's next?

If all goes well, one of your followers will see your photo, see the likes on it, and then tap it to see the description and comments. The comments can make or break you on Instagram. If the first comment a user sees is negative towards you, then the user (who was completely neutral up to this point) is going to take on that same viewpoint.

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Receive only genuine, positive comments

We don’t send everyone and anyone to comment on your post. All of our comments meet certain strict criteria.

Your post is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your comments over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The comments we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time

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Instagram Comments that Speak Volumes!
Written by David Foster  18 Jul, 2023
RedSocial's Instagram Comments service has truly impressed me. The quality of the comments I receive on my posts is exceptional. It's evident that these comments are from real people who genuinely appreciate my content. This service has added depth to my Instagram profile and has been instrumental in growing my follower base. RedSocial delivers once again!
Say Goodbye to Crickets and Hello to Comments
Written by Brooke Silva  03 Jan, 2023
As a new influencer trying to grow my account, I was so bummed posting content to...crickets! Buying targeted comments from RedSocial completely changed the game. Now my posts are buzzing with activity. Don't wait around hoping for engagement, just get the comments!
Best in the market
Written by Vladimir Pemberton  07 Jan, 2022
RedSocial provides the best Instagram comments in the market! I was tired of ordering comments from other sites and ended up deleting them after most of them were unreadable. Since I’ve started purchasing comments from RedSocial I am getting much more interaction on my posts! Thank you!
Relevant comments
Written by Kian Rowland  21 Feb, 2021
It’s hard finding English natives that can write relevant Instagram comments for your page. I’ve tried working with multiple vendors until I came across RedSocial. The team takes writing comments very seriously and always follows through with my requirements. Look no further if you’re looking for Instagram comments.
Written by Jimmy MacCarrick  27 Sep, 2020
The quality of the comments I received were AMAZING. They look very genuine and I could not distinguish them from the other comments I had on my post. Thank you RedSocial!
Never fail to deliver
Written by Ivonne Casal  29 Jan, 2020
Instagram comments are very useful for building social proof and unless you have an entertainment page, it’s hard to gain comments organically (especially the first few). This is why I purchase comments from RedSocial and they never fail to deliver the comments exactly as provided! Thank you RedSocial!
Very happy
Written by Anthony Berns  28 Sep, 2019
Once I received the completion email I had to revisit RedSocial to write this review. The comments were delivered exactly as provided and I’m very happy with the results. This was a test order for 10 comments but expect more order from me very soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer subscription plans for Instagram comments?
Yes, in addition to our per-post packages, we also offer subscription options for our Instagram Management Services. These subscriptions are designed for clients seeking a continuous flow of engagement to keep their content consistently engaging. By subscribing to our packages, you ensure that your Instagram posts receive regular comments, followers, likes, post impressions and views, maintaining and enhancing the liveliness of your profile over time.
Why is buying Instagram comments beneficial for my profile?
Comments are a powerful form of engagement on Instagram, often more impactful than likes or views. They can enhance the perceived popularity and credibility of your posts. Positive comments, in particular, can sway public opinion in your favor, encouraging more organic interaction and fostering a positive community around your content. In essence, comments can turn a neutral viewer into a supportive follower, amplifying the positive sentiment around your brand or personal profile.
What should I consider before ordering Instagram comments?
Before placing an order for Instagram comments, ensure that your account is set to public, as comments cannot be delivered to private accounts. Additionally, make sure that the commenting feature is enabled for the post you wish to boost, as comments can't be added if the feature is disabled. It's also crucial to provide the correct URL to your post to guarantee that the comments are directed to the right place. These steps are essential for a smooth process and to ensure that your post is ready to receive the comments you've ordered.
Can I dictate the content of the comments I purchase?
Absolutely. We understand the importance of tailoring comments to fit your post's context and your brand's voice. You can provide us with a specific list of comments. If you wish to review the comments before they're posted or have particular instructions, just include these details when you place your order. This customization ensures the comments appear authentic and align perfectly with your content strategy.
Are emojis and mentions included in the custom comments I order?
Yes, you can include emojis in your custom comments to bring more personality to your interactions on Instagram. However, mentions or hashtags are not included in this service. When placing your order, just let us know which emojis you'd like to add to the comments. This way, the engagement on your posts will appear more genuine and engaging, while still adhering to our service guidelines.
How can I enable comments if they're disabled on my Instagram post?
If comments are disabled on your post, you can easily enable them by following these steps: Go to the specific post on your Instagram profile, click on the three dots in the top corner of the post, then select "Edit." From there, go into "Advanced Settings" and look for the option to "Turn on commenting." Once you toggle this option on, comments will be enabled, and your post will be ready to receive engagement.
Do the comments provided through your service appear genuine?
Our commitment to authenticity sets us apart. We’ve employed professional writers to ensure that each comment is well-crafted, relevant, and genuine. Avoiding poor grammar and spelling mistakes that plague less reputable services, we guarantee comments that are positive, engaging, and indistinguishable from organic interactions. This quality control is paramount to maintaining your account's credibility and fostering trust among your followers.
Can I interact with the comments I've bought?
Yes, you're encouraged to reply to the comments you've purchased. Engaging with these comments can create a lively atmosphere around your post, making your profile more interactive and appealing. However, keep in mind that the level of ongoing interaction from the commenters may vary, as our service is primarily aimed at boosting initial engagement. Your responses can further influence organic interactions, enhancing the overall activity on your post.

Positive Instagram comments reverse the negative thought processes

If you have positive comments, then the user is going to take on the viewpoint of that positive comment. It’s not deceptive at all – it’s just playing on basic human behavior.

Not being careful when choosing the comment supplier can backfire, though…

How comments can backfire

If you look around for any average Joe selling cheap Instagram comments, you are playing with fire.

Positive comments are what you want to strive for. But even if a user sees a negative comment, he still might be on board with the post – the knee jerk reaction will be to take on the same viewpoint, but humans aren’t mice – we have our own thought processes.

Seeing fake comments, on the other hand, will immediately make the user distrust you. It’ll probably result in an unfollow. There’s nothing worse than being able to detect that someone’s trying to blow smoke up your behind when you don’t have your guard up.

You can choose what the comments say

If you would like us to include particular hashtags or mentions in the comments we post, please list them in the details section when you order.

If you would like to see a preview of the comments before we post them, please mention that in the order notes section at checkout.

Additionally, if you already have a list of comments, we can arrange to post exactly what you want. Please include the comments in the order notes section at checkout.

person browsing instagram on phone

Poor writing = unfollow

Most other companies that offer Instagram comments don’t have native US speakers writing them. They have people from third world countries who have English as their second language doing them. I’m sure they’re great people, but that’s not who you want to put your account’s reputation in the hands of.

At Red Social, we hire professional writers. As a quick example, look at this page compared to the pages of other Instagram comment sellers. Theirs will be riddled with spelling errors, poor grammar, and all-around mediocre writing. We like to think that ours is pristine, and our writers are skilled enough to make the comments look positive and completely genuine.

Scroll up and select your package. Rest assured, we’ll take care of the comments for you, and you’ll get it done at the same price (or cheaper) than the guys who might ruin your account.

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