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Impressions are the number of times your post appears on Instagram user screens

Instagram is a platform which requires you to perform well on many metrics if you’re looking to reach more users. Impressions are one of them. Think of each metric as a somewhat equal contributor to your popularity. Instagram hasn’t told how much each metric equals to, but one thing is for sure – if you maximize all metrics, impressions included, success is inevitable.

Instagram Impressions
  • 100% Real People
  • Permanent
  • Worldwide Users
  • Fast Delivery
  • $ 1.00
  • $ 2.00
  • $ 8.00
  • $ 14.00
  • $ 30.00

Accelerate your Instagram algorithm

We don’t send everyone and anyone to view your post. All of our impressions meet  certain strict criteria.

Your post is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your post impressions over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The post impressions we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Maximizing Reach with Instagram Post Impressions!
Written by Michael Davis  09 Aug, 2023
Thanks to RedSocial's Instagram Post Impressions service, my posts are reaching a much larger audience. The boost in impressions has not only increased my profile's visibility but has also led to more interaction. RedSocial consistently delivers reliable and effective services, making them my go-to choice for social media growth.
No Need to Obsess Over Going Viral, Just Buy Impressions
Written by Diego Gomez  17 Jan, 2023
As an artist trying to promote my work, I was obsessively trying all sorts of hacks to get my posts to go viral. Turns out I just needed to buy targeted impressions from RedSocial. In no time, my posts were hitting explore and I was gaining real followers organically. So long viral dairy, hello impressions!
Highly recommend
Written by Ji-Hu Quou  18 Feb, 2022
I’m very happy with the Instagram impressions service. The order was fulfilled quickly and I also received an order completion email once the service was delivered. I highly recommend RedSocial as a social media provider
Purchasing regularly
Written by Mack Polak  05 Aug, 2020
Once I started using Instagram impressions for my page, I quickly noticed my posts started gaining more views and likes than usual. I’ve made sure to regularly purchase this service from RedSocial
Really helps!
Written by Philip Kreischer  18 Jun, 2020
Nowadays Instagram shows new posts to only a small percentage of users. This is why I always make sure to order post impressions from RedSocial. This wonder of a service has helped my posts receive much more organic engagement!
Vital service!
Written by Laura Jeanes  27 Apr, 2020
Instagram impressions have played a vital role in improving my page's analytics. I wish I had heard of RedSocial sooner!
Keep up with the good work
Written by Luisina O’Ceallaigh  19 Oct, 2019
Keep up the good work guys! Your Instagram post impressions service has helped me immensely. I will definitely recommend RedSocial to my colleagues and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need the impressions delivered quickly, is that possible?
If you would like to have the service delivered sooner, we recommend you sign up for a RedSocial account and place the order using our "Quick Order" option.
Can I split the package among multiple posts?
Yes, please submit your Instagram page link on the required field upon selecting the package. Then include all the post links in the “Additional Information” section on our checkout page. The minimum number is 100 impressions/post. This means that our 1,000 post impressions package can be spread among a maximum of 10 posts.
Will these impressions drop over time?
The post impressions we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

Why are they important?

More post impressions increase the likelihood of getting engagement on your posts. By buying more post impressions you are giving Instagram a signal that your posts have a considerable amount of viewership.

Instagram uses these metrics to determine whether your post will appear to a large amount of users (by potentially also appearing on Instagram search) or if your post will only be displayed to a fraction of the followers on your account.

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We offer a reliable approach!

Our post impressions are cheap and we’re here for you 24/7. There’s no guesswork involved.

We recommend buying post impressions relative to how many followers you have – obviously, don’t get more impressions than followers. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out – we’d love to chat.

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