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Build an audience of genuine, engaged listeners​

We don’t send everyone and anyone to listen your music. All of our views meet certain strict criteria.

Your music is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your followers over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The followers we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Stable service and honest provider!
Written by Sarah Green  03 Jun, 2023
The process was easy and the results were immediate. I saw a noticeable increase in my Spotify followers within the first day. Glad to also say that all followers remain stable several months later and I couldn't be more pleased with the service.
Everyone is buying followers!
Written by Dewi Stein  17 Dec, 2022
Look, the truth is everyone is buying followers online. It’s become an industry standard. If people see your profile has less than a few thousand followers, they won’t even bother listening to your tracks. I’m glad I found RedSocial to take care of this for me.
RedSocial are spotify experts!
Written by Julius Macias  25 May, 2022
I've been using RedSocial for a few months now and I'm extremely satisfied with all their services. The Spotify followers I received were active and engaged, as I noticed after purchasing them my tracks started gaining even more streams.
Super easy process!
Written by Lilia Larson  03 Nov, 2021
The process was easy and the delivery was fast. I received 2000 high-quality followers within a couple days. My account's reach and visibility have also improved significantly. I highly recommend RedSocial to anyone looking to boost their Spotify presence.
Helped me grow my Spotify followers
Written by Johnathan Smooth  17 Jan, 2020
I recently purchased Spotify followers from RedSocial and I'm so glad I did. I normally get around 2000-3000 streams on my tracks, but was stuck at less than 50 followers. My account has never looked better and I intend to purchase more!

Boost Your Music Career with Spotify Followers

Do you want to set yourself apart as a musician? Spotify is the platform to be. Everyone is there for the music and more importantly for good music. You want to share your content to the world and what better way than Spotify? You may have many plays on your songs but what about your loyal following? Growing your following helps promote your songs to not only fans, but loyal fans.

People however are reluctant to follow accounts with a small number of followers. You want to expand your following and what better way than increasing the number of your existing followers. Increase the number of your followers and see your audience grow faster than you expected.

We at RedSocial offer our customers the option the buy Spotify followers. Pick one of our packages above or use our slider to select the number of followers you want. More followers will instantly grab the attention of listeners on Spotify!

Drip-Feeding available

By default, our service is FAST – ridiculously fast! If you would like us to spread the delivery of the views over a certain period of time, please get in touch with us before ordering. We can arrange to extend the delivery over multiple days for more natural growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I expect to see growth after focusing on increasing my followers?
Follower growth can vary based on your promotional efforts and the quality of your content. Organic growth is gradual but can be accelerated through targeted marketing strategies, such as this Spotify follower service.
Do I receive notifications when someone follows me on Spotify?
Spotify does not send notifications for new followers, but you can track your total follower count and growth over time in the Spotify for Artists dashboard.
How does Spotify recommend new artists or songs to potential followers?
Spotify uses algorithms that consider user listening habits, playlist additions, and artist follows to recommend new artists or songs to potential followers.
How can I use Spotify for Artists to engage with my followers more effectively?
Spotify for Artists provides analytics, listener demographics, and engagement tools, allowing you to tailor your content and interactions to suit your audience better.
Is there a risk of being banned on Spotify for purchasing followers?
Purchasing followers does not directly lead to a ban on Spotify. However, we recommend maintaining balanced engagement metrics to stay in good standing with Spotify's guidelines.
How soon will my service order start after I've placed it?
Your order begins the setup process immediately after placement. Setup will be completed within 24 hours, at which point the actual service delivery will commence. Should you have a preferred schedule for delivery, please contact us in advance.
How do I view my personal followers on Spotify?
To view your followers on Spotify, simply navigate to your profile, click on 'View Profile', and then select 'Followers' to see a list of individuals who follow you.
Can I prevent my followers from seeing what I'm listening to on Spotify?
Yes, you have the option to conceal your listening activities from your followers by adjusting your privacy settings on Spotify.
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