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Be constantly in the eye of your followers, and they’re more likely to pay attention to what you say

The key to maintaining a strong Facebook account is constantly putting out posts.

Then again, there are certain posts that you want your followers to see more than others. For example, you might post a funny picture one day, and then you might announce a new product the next.

The best way to ensure that your important post is getting the attention it deserves.

Facebook Post Likes
  • 100% Engagement Increase
  • Stable Likes
  • Worldwide Users
  • Fast Delivery
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Maximize your post reach with real post likes

We don’t send everyone and anyone to like your post. All of our likes meet certain strict criteria.

Your post is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your likes over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The likes we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time

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Boosted Engagement on My Posts
Written by Samantha Lee  23 Aug, 2023
I used RedSocial's Facebook post likes service and I'm thrilled with the results. As an artist, I wanted to get more eyes on my newest paintings and art. The targeted post likes I purchased helped my posts get way more engagement. People are commenting on the posts and following links to my online store. It's been amazing for expanding my audience and driving art sales. I will definitely use RedSocial again!
Instant impact
Written by Michael Johnson  02 Apr, 2023
Managing social media accounts for clients demands quick and effective solutions. RedSocial's Facebook Post Likes service has been incredible. The likes are delivered instantly, giving our posts an immediate boost in engagement. This service has saved us time and helped us achieve better results for our clients. RedSocial is our go-to for increasing post likes on Facebook.
Great and speedy results
Written by Willis Rennie  25 Apr, 2022
RedSocial is always my first and only choice for any Facebook services. I first ordered Facebook Post Likes, which I found and still find very useful for growing my audience and improving my metrics. The speed of the likes delivery is unmatched. If you need more Facebook post likes, give them a try and you won’t regret it!
Keep up the terrific job!
Written by Adam Richmond  12 Mar, 2022
RedSocial is fast, very responsive to all my questions and their quality is excellent! I primarily used their other social media services, but decided to use Facebook as well and I cannot recommend it enough. Thanks again and keep it up!
All things facebook at RedSocial
Written by Jakob Lutz  17 Jan, 2021
I have been using RedSocial to grow my Facebook page and I have tried all of their Facebook services. They are truly top-tier! Facebook Post Likes is my most used service, since I like to give most of my posts a boost before I send them out to the world!
Thanks for a kick-ass service
Written by Gina Harper  28 Oct, 2020
I have tried many companies and I kept feeling like I was getting ripped off. I started to get fed up with the constant disappointment, however one of my last tries was RedSocial and I am so thankful I did give them a try! They deliver ultra fast and all the services are amazing! I use them a lot for Facebook Post Likes and they always deliver. I recommend them without any reservations!
The best
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Likes are everything when it comes to social media and the more you have the more popular you are. RedSocial is the best at providing likes. Most recently used their Facebook Post Likes service and my like metrics are through the roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split the package among multiple posts?
Yes, please submit your Facebook page/profile link on the required field upon selecting the package. Then include all the post links in the “Additional Information” section on our checkout page. The minimum number is 50 likes/post. This means that our 500 likes package can be spread among a maximum of 10 posts.
Will these likes drop over time?
The likes we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

Buy Facebook Post Likes

Get more likes on your most important posts

All of your posts average out to a certain amount of likes. If we take a look at a page like Optimum Nutrition, one of the world’s largest supplement companies, they get an average of around 150 likes per post.

However, on the posts that they actually care about – new products, winning an award, etc. – they have substantially more than 150 – some as high as 700 or 800.

A company of that magnitude is able to promote individual posts through different channels aside from Facebook, but for you, the small business or website owner, it’s best to promote yourself directly within Facebook by buying Facebook post likes.

Likes make us STOP and read

The best fans that you have are the ones who like you on Facebook. They love you enough to the point where they publicly tell everybody that they do, and they agree to receive updates from you on a daily basis.

You want those fans to be paying attention to your “big” posts, like product launches.

The way Facebook works is the more likes the more attention to that particular post. Imagine one of your friends posted a YouTube video. Would you be more likely to watch it if it had 2 likes, or if it had 100 likes?

Likes also increase your natural reach

Facebook naturally promotes posts that get a lot of interaction. This is what we want, because paying for each post isn’t realistic unless you’re a big brand.

Your natural reach right now might be under 1% if you don’t get any interaction, but if you buy Facebook likes and shares for your posts, then that can go into the double digits and beyond. You need to show Facebook that what you’re putting out is worth naturally promoting, and our likes and shares help you do just that.

The thought behind buying Facebook post likes

Your Facebook post likes are one of the main metrics Facebook algorithm uses to decide whether you should receive more exposure. Right now, you’re probably not getting much of it. More followers is a sure-fire way to get you the initial momentum for getting picked up by algorithm and steep across user feeds.

All eyes on YOU and your business

Your fans are scrolling through a bunch of different posts from their friends and the other pages that they like – you need to make them stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to YOU. Likes do this. They pay attention. They interact. They click, and they might even buy.

Stop paying for post promotions

Show Facebook that your posts are interesting. Your natural reach will increase, so you won’t have to promote your posts. If you don’t make it look like you have interaction, your posts will continue to be shown to almost nobody.

Turn your numbers upside down

Go to your Facebook page right now and see what the average number of likes you get per post is. That number is probably low. Our Facebook post likes (scroll up to purchase) and our Facebook post shares (click here to purchase) will multiply that number in a week.

Grow faster and easier while spending less

The result of this will be Facebook naturally showing each of your posts to more subscribers. And those who do see it will be more interested in what it is. Facebook can be a tricky game, but it doesn’t have to be – order from us now to see the difference.

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Pick the service you want, fill in the details, and hit submit. It’s as quick as that. The interface has been built specifically to enable users with easy access. Sign up now and get started immediately!
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You can precisely order the amount of followers, likes, or shares you need, instead of choosing preset packages. You will only pay for what you order and save money for future campaigns.
Quick Delivery Needed? No Problem!
The dashboard is optimized to allow us to process orders much faster. In fact, some of our services will start instantly. You'll also save time by skipping the process of having to fill in your billing details for every purchase.
Custom Packages? Check our Dashboard
The packages offered on our website might not suit your project. We provide the option to place smaller orders through our dashboard.
Excellent choice for Power-Users
Social networking is a fast-paced medium. By utilizing our dashboard, you will be able to submit a large number of orders with ease.
Access to Quick & Helpful Support
You will always receive reliable support when talking to our support team. You can also submit a ticket with your inquiry.

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