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Stories help your followers stay in sync with your daily activities and news

Promoting Instagram stories has been an advertising strategy used by many businesses and influencers. 

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Inform, promote, and sell using Instagram stories

We don’t send everyone and anyone to view your stories. All of our views meet certain strict criteria.

Your story is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your views over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The views we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Take Your Stories from Blah to Viral Overnight
Written by Mark Chen  12 Jun, 2023
I was posting stories daily with almost no views. It was so discouraging. On a whim, I decided to purchase Instagram story views from RedSocial. My views skyrocketed and now my stories are performing better than some top influencers! Don't let your hard work flop, just get the views.
Elevate Your Instagram Stories with RedSocial!
Written by Olivia Adams  18 Feb, 2023
Thanks to RedSocial's Instagram Story Views service, my Instagram stories have taken on a new life. The increased views have made my stories more engaging and visible to my audience. This service has not only boosted my profile's credibility but has also led to more interaction and followers. If you're looking to make a lasting impression on Instagram, RedSocial is the way to go!
Reliable service
Written by Edwyna Gadhavi  20 Jan, 2022
Normally I don’t leave reviews online as I tend to be quite busy. But RedSocial deserves praise for their reliability over several years! I purchase Instagram story views on a regular basis, and they never fail to deliver!
Thank you
Written by Theano Marchand  20 Aug, 2021
Wow! Once I ordered story views from RedSocial I also started gaining additional story views organically as well! Thank you very much, I’m very happy with the results!
Stellar support
Written by Ben Leaps  12 Feb, 2021
Working with RedSocial was a no-brainer. Their competitive prices and stellar support has made me a regular buyer. I recommend you check out their Instagram story views service.
Written by Emil Normand  21 Jul, 2020
I was impressed how the story views were distributed amongst all my stories! This is a great value service!
Affordable prices
Written by Pris Zaal  01 Mar, 2020
Look no further if you want to purchase Instagram story views. RedSocial has a quick turnaround time at affordable prices with no hidden fees or commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to deliver my order?
All Instagram Story View packages are delivered within 24 hours. We recommend you place an order shortly after posting the story on your page.
Will only my first Instagram story be viewed?
No, the users will watch several of the stories you have listed on your account at the time of purchase.
Can you deliver story views to a private account?
No, we can’t. Your page must be public in order for us to deliver the service. To avoid delays, we highly suggest you make sure your privacy settings are set to public before placing an order. You can also temporarily set the privacy settings to public until we’ve delivered the service and then switch back to private once the delivery has been confirmed.

Convert story views to visits

You want your stories to be the first ones to appear to your followers and also be suggested to new followers. Think creating great content by coming up with something quirky and fun is enough?

Well, it helps, but it is not enough. The best way to reach more people and more of your followers is to have more story views. Your image and popularity are vital for your brand’s recognition and reach. The content doesn’t matter if there’s no one to see it.

Show them what you’ve got

Instagram stories give your audience a chance to see what you’re up to day to day. It is also an easy way to reach a larger audience. In your stories you can conveniently advertise your brand, products, and special offers. Who doesn’t love those? They create a buzz around your brand and give people an urgency to buy.

Share with more users your news, promotions and much more. Get more users checking out your daily content and start utilizing the newest and successful advertising strategy on Instagram.

person browsing instagram on phone

Why wait?

Make story promotions part of your campaign. Let us help your stories reach more users and see the amazing deals and products you have to offer!

Drip-Feeding available!

By default, our service is FAST – ridiculously fast! If you would like us to spread the delivery of the views over a certain period of time, please get in touch with us before ordering. We can arrange to extend the delivery over multiple days for more natural growth.

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