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Are You on Their Instagram Close Friends List? Find Out How!

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Picture this: you open Instagram, ready to scroll through what people are up to, and you see a green circle around Billie Eilish’s story icon. That was the reality of a 100-million-plus followers last week. We were all left wondering: “Am I one of the chosen ones?” This moment with Billie was unusual, sure, but it highlights a more common curiosity many of us experience in our everyday social scrolling. Isn’t it more intriguing to figure out if your own friends or mutuals have included you into their Close Friends list? This guide is here to help. We’ll go into how to pick up on the subtle cues that signal you’re in someone’s private shares, turning that wonder into certainty.

How Do Close Friends on Instagram Work?

Instagram’s Close Friends feature is specifically designed to allow users to share content with a select group, enhancing privacy and intimacy in social sharing. Here’s how it works and what you need to know about privacy and notifications:

List Management

  • Creation and Modification: Users can manage their Close Friends list through their profile settings, adding or removing people at any time without sending notifications to those affected.
  • Exclusive Sharing: When posting a story or a post marked for Close Friends, these are indicated with a green circle or star, visible only to those on the list.

Privacy Settings

  • Visibility: Only the list creator can see the Close Friends list, ensuring that the details of who is included remain private.
  • Accessibility: Content shared with Close Friends does not appear to those not on the list, and there is no public indication that such content has been posted.
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Notifications and Status

  • No Direct Notifications: Instagram does not alert users to changes in their Close Friends status, so if you previously saw green-circled stories and then stop seeing them, it may indicate a change in your status.

How to Tell If You're on the List

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Determining if you are on someone’s Close Friends list on Instagram involves observing specific features that indicate restricted content sharing. Here are key indicators that can help you figure out if you’ve been included:

Green Circle on Stories

One of the most definitive signs that you are on a Close Friends list is the appearance of a green circle around someone’s story icon. This green circle signifies that the content within has been shared exclusively with a list of chosen followers. If you see this green circle, it means you are part of that select group. Also, if you’re looking to enhance your own story’s visibility, check out our Instagram Story Views service to increase views from real Instagram users.

Exclusive Posts

Instagram has introduced a feature where posts meant exclusively for Close Friends can now be identified by a green star on the top right corner of the post. This visual marker is similar to the green circle used for stories. To find out if you are included in someone’s Close Friends list, look for posts with this green star in their feed. This is a straightforward indicator that you are part of this select group. If you are aiming to boost the visibility and reach of your posts, consider using our Instagram Impressions service to attract more impressions from genuine Instagram accounts.

Highlights as a Clue

Sometimes, users save their Close Friends stories to their highlights. If you access someone’s highlights and notice stories with the green circle, these were originally shared only with Close Friends. Being able to view such highlights suggests that you are on the person’s Close Friends list.

How to Know if Someone Removed You From Close Friends on Instagram?

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Instagram designed the Close Friends feature with strict privacy controls, meaning there’s no straightforward method to know if you’ve been removed from someone’s Close Friends list. But there are a few tell-tale signs to look out for:

  • Story Visibility Changes: If you suddenly stop seeing stories marked with a green circle—a sign that they are exclusive to Close Friends—it might indicate you’ve been removed. This is especially notable if you used to regularly see such stories from a particular user.
  • Posts: Notice if the exclusive posts have disappeared from the user’s feed. This could possibly mean they have deleted it, or they have removed you from their Close Friends list.
  • Highlights Missing: If you no longer see highlights that used to show up with a green star, it suggests you’ve been cut from the list. Highlights often preserve Close Friends content long-term.
  • Check with Friends: A quick chat with mutual friends can help too. If they’re still seeing exclusive content you can’t, it likely confirms your suspicions.


Finding out if you’re on someone’s Instagram Close Friends list isn’t straightforward, but by noticing special indicators like the green circle on stories, personal nature of posts, and access to certain highlights, you can get a good idea. These signs can give you a clearer idea of your status. Monitoring these elements not only clarifies your inclusion but also enhances your understanding of how intimate social interactions work on Instagram. As you notice these indicators, reflect on the dynamics of your connections and how they choose to share content with you.