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The star rating of your business’s Facebook page is the first thing any potential client will see. Do you think your current rating will make a good impression? Think again.

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Enhance your reputation with original reviews

We aim to provide a service that is beneficial to our clients. For this reason RedSocial does not accept orders that request negative reviews.

Your page is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your reviews over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The reviews we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Increased Customer Confidence
Written by James Anderson  03 Jul, 2023
Building trust with potential customers is a priority, and RedSocial has helped us do just that. Their service provides genuine recommendations from satisfied customers, enhancing our brand's reputation and driving more sales. RedSocial is a trustworthy partner for online businesses
True value added to my business
Written by Magnus Mcconnell  24 Jan, 2023
It's a well known fact that customers do a lot of online research before they go ahead and work with local businesses. I had a couple of bad reviews on my page which were left by some unreasonable clients. People would actually point this out to me during phone calls. Good thing I found RedSocial which provides the highest quality of Facebook reviews.
The service works perfectly!
Written by Lindy Oelberg  08 Jun, 2022
This service has helped me with so many Facebook pages. It’s hard building up those first reviews and people seem to turn their heads when they find business pages with no reviews. I highly recommend this service to business owners and RedSocial has made the process extremely simple!
Always happy with RedSocial
Written by Sean Venzin  28 Dec, 2021
I didn’t want to ask my friends and family to write reviews on my page and decided to work with RedSocial. They kept their word and delivered the reviews exactly as I provided. I’ve also purchased other services on RedSocial and have always been very satisfied with their quality of work.
Don’t miss out on this fantastic service!
Written by Mervin Ishni  18 Nov, 2020
Facebook recommendations are a game changer. The first thing people look up on Facebook is whether your page has good ratings or not. After purchasing 20 reviews my account started to perform much better. In fact I also started receiving more reviews from other customers as well!
Helped me bring my business back up!
Written by Mattis Oaklynn  23 May, 2020
I underwent surgery a few months ago and could not attend work for quite a long time. Unfortunately, not all customers are understanding and I was stung by a few negative reviews during this time. This really made me feel bad since I knew it was my fault but did not want to lose my reputation on Facebook. RedSocial really came through with their Facebook recommendations service. Thank you so much!
Saved me from a competitor!
Written by Johnie Kimber  09 Apr, 2020
I didn't pay much attention to Facebook reviews until one of my competitors sent negative reviews to my page! After that I noticed fewer people contacting me on Facebook. I worked with RedSocial to improve my ratings and things are turning back to normal! Thank you so much!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Facebook Recommendation?
A Facebook Recommendation is the evolved form of what used to be known as a Facebook review. It is a more detailed and insightful public evaluation left by users who have interacted with your business. This change from reviews to recommendations allows users to simply state whether they recommend your business or not, and to elaborate on their experience with the option to add images and descriptive tags. These Recommendations are a vital part of your online reputation, influencing how potential customers perceive your brand. 
If there are no more star ratings, how does Facebook calculate the recommended score?
Facebook calculates the recommended score by analyzing the "Yes" or "No" recommendations left by users on a business's page. When someone recommends your page, it positively influences your overall score. Conversely, a "No" recommendation can negatively affect it. This score is not presented as a numerical average but as a percentage of users who recommend the business. Additionally, Facebook may still reference past star ratings and reviews in calculating this score, blending new recommendations with historical data to provide a comprehensive view of a business's reputation. This method ensures that both new and old feedback contribute to your page's perceived quality and reliability.
Can you help me remove a bad review from Facebook?
Direct removal of bad reviews is not within our service scope. However, we can diminish their impact by increasing your positive reviews. Our strategy focuses on improving your overall rating, thus shifting focus away from negative feedback and highlighting the positive aspects of your business. This balanced approach enhances your reputation and encourages trust among potential customers.
Can I specify when the reviews are delivered?
Yes, our service offers customizable delivery schedules for reviews to align with your specific business needs. Timing reviews strategically can maximize their impact, supporting promotional events or new product launches. This flexibility ensures that the influx of positive reviews occurs exactly when your business can benefit the most, optimizing your engagement and visibility on Facebook.
Do you offer review services outside the USA?
Our primary focus is on delivering reviews from real, USA-based users to ensure authenticity and relevance. Concentrating on the US market allows us to maintain the high quality and credibility of the reviews, making them more impactful for businesses targeting an American audience. This approach helps in establishing a trustworthy online presence that resonates well with your core demographic. However, for any other requests, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best at accommodating your needs.
How many reviews do I need?
Determining the ideal number of reviews depends on your business size and visibility goals. Starting with a package that matches your scale is recommended. A sufficient number of positive reviews can significantly enhance your online presence, drawing more attention to your business and encouraging organic customer interactions. 
Is buying negative reviews an option?
We get it—navigating the online world can be tricky, and sometimes the competition gets intense. But here’s the deal: we’re all about spreading good vibes and helping your business shine online. The thought of selling negative reviews to knock down someone else’s castle just isn’t our jam. We believe in lifting each other up, not the opposite. So, no, we don’t deal in negative reviews. What we’re really passionate about is creating genuine positive buzz for you. 
Can I customize the reviews?
Yes, you can customize the content of the reviews to align with your business's unique qualities and the experiences you wish to highlight. We work with you to tailor the feedback so it remains positive and reflective of what customers appreciate about your business, ensuring each review is both genuine and beneficial. This personalized approach helps maintain the authenticity of your page while showcasing your business in the best possible light.

People forget to rate businesses

The sad truth is no matter how good your business is, very few people will remember to rate it. If you compare your total number of visitors and customers to your ratings count, you will probably notice it to be significantly less than 1%.

Nowadays most businesses have seen just recently how much of an impact their rating number can make. They’re looking for solutions. And that’s where we come in!

5-Star Quality Service! *pun intended*

We will set up a promotional campaign to send real people to your page. They will leave a 5-star rating! Our service can help your page display the stars it truly deserves!

Scroll above and select one of our packages with the number of ratings you believe to be right for your business size. The packages start from as little as 10 ratings.

person clicking on their phone while imaginary interactions come out

Motivate customers to rate you in the future

People are reluctant to be the first ones to act on anything. Especially when rating a business. They tend not to rate a business unless it’s already been rated by others, because they simply don’t want that type of responsibility on their hands.

But when a page already has a bunch of good ratings, they are more prone to leaving theirs.

Enhance your reputation online

These days, your online presence is the core of your reputation. People are lazy. Even your most loyal fans and customers might “forget” to leave a review. How about new 5-star reviews?

Results from the day one

The campaign’s setup takes up to 48 hours. As soon as the campaign goes live, you will start seeing new reviews pop up on your Facebook page. Custom delivery times available, just let us know!

Original reviews from USA

Our reviews look 100% authentic. Unless you know each customer by name, even you couldn’t tell whether it comes from an actual customer or us. Our reviews come only from real, USA-based people.

Guaranteed engagement increase

Not only you will look more credible and trustworthy, having more reviews will also encourage others to leave reviews. No one wants to be the first one, but if everyone does it – they will do too! 

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