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LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional oriented social network on the internet

A LinkedIn profile is a must if you want to showcase your personal career or your business’ achievements. And get the right attention that will proper your career or business forward.

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Written by Lisa Martinez  15 Aug, 2023
RedSocial's LinkedIn Post Likes service exceeded my expectations. As an HR manager, my LinkedIn posts needed more visibility. Their service delivered instant likes, enhancing my posts' reach. Highly satisfied!
Increased post engagement at a fair price
Written by Mark Thompson  08 Jan, 2023
I wanted to test out a LinkedIn post like service and found RedSocial had competitive pricing. I bought 500 likes for a post announcing a big company milestone. My post ended up with over 600 likes, helping it stand out and get more visibility. For the price, RedSocial delivered great results.
Love the quality of this service!
Written by Joe Oliver  27 Oct, 2022
I recently purchased LinkedIn post likes from RedSocial and I have been extremely impressed with the results. Not only have my post likes increased but my engagement and reach on the platform has also gone up. RedSocial's service has definitely helped me to improve my LinkedIn account and increase my connections. I highly recommend working with them
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I was looking for a way to improve my LinkedIn page and decided to try RedSocial's LinkedIn post likes service. I am glad I did! RedSocial's service has definitely helped me to improve my LinkedIn account and reach more potential employees I’m looking to hire. I highly recommend working with them
Look no further for SMM services.
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I have been using RedSocial for many of my social media pages and the results have been remarkable. I highly recommend working with them, as they have always been reliable.
Helped me to improve my LinkedIn presence
Written by Edgar Hodges  21 Feb, 2021
I have been using RedSocial's LinkedIn post likes service for a few weeks now and the results have been amazing. My posts have been receiving much more attention. RedSocial's service has definitely helped me to improve my LinkedIn presence. I highly recommend their services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy likes for a post I've scheduled but not yet published?
Likes can only be purchased for posts that are already live on LinkedIn. Scheduled posts need to be published first before they can receive likes.
Could buying likes lead to my LinkedIn account being suspended?
Our service is fully compliant with LinkedIn's guidelines, eliminating any risk of your account being banned. Nonetheless, moderation in usage is advised to sidestep LinkedIn's spam filters.
Is it appropriate to like my own posts on LinkedIn?
Is it appropriate to like my own posts on LinkedIn? While liking your own posts and comments can boost engagement, it might not always create the best impression.
Can I hide the like count on my LinkedIn posts?
LinkedIn currently does not offer the option to hide like counts on posts. The visibility of likes can encourage further engagement from viewers by providing social proof of your content's value.
Are likes from people outside my network as effective as those from within?
Likes from outside your network can be particularly effective in extending your reach, exposing your content to a broader audience and potentially leading to new connections and opportunities.
What types of content on LinkedIn tend to receive the most likes?
Content that offers value, such as industry insights, career advice, professional achievements, and thought leadership articles, generally receives more likes, as it resonates with the professional nature of LinkedIn users.
Do likes on LinkedIn contribute to a post's ranking in search results?
While LinkedIn's exact search algorithm details are proprietary, engagement, including likes, likely plays a role in how content is ranked and displayed in search results on the platform.
Can I split the package among multiple posts?
Yes, please submit your LinkedIn page link on the required field upon selecting the package. Then include all the post links in the “Additional Information” section on our checkout page. The minimum number is 50 likes/post. This means that our 500 likes package can be spread among a maximum of 10 posts.

Enhancing LinkedIn Visibility with Strategic Post Likes

Other social media platforms offer the opportunity to share posts with people interested in different fields, however LinkedIn gives you the ability to connect with like-minded professionals and businesses with strategies and mentalities similar to yours.

Promote your professional skills or the services you provide as a business. Share your accomplishments, experiences and news about yourself or your company. Gain post likes from other LinkedIn professionals on your posts and establish yourself or your business as the industry expert.

How to get noticed on LinkedIn? Buy post likes. More engagement in your posts boosts your image on the platform and gains more attention on your post.

Build your LinkedIn presence

It’s a fact that on any social media platform users are more inclined to engage in posts with many likes and LinkedIn is no different. The more LinkedIn users engage with your content, the more attention your posts will get. Attention and engagement from users is measured through likes on your posts. 

Increasing the number of likes each of your posts gets in LinkedIn helps you grow your image and establish your personal branding.

man working with linkedin logo on the wall

The thought behind buying LinkedIn post likes

Your fans are scrolling through a bunch of different posts from their friends and the other pages that they like – you need to make them stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to you.

Likes do this. They pay attention. And they interact. 

Professionals, decision makers and business owners are already looking for their next employer, suppliers and business partners. They’re overwhelmed by too many to count mediocre potential choices. Get seen. Cut through the noise. Access career and business growth opportunities previously out of reach.

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