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Here’s a question: What makes you engage with someone on Instagram?

There are (basically) three reasons why anyone follows anyone else on Instagram.

  • The account is from a major company, like Coca-Cola or Abercrombie
  •  The account is someone you know in real life, like a relative or a friend.
  • Lastly, the account is gaining a lot of attention an interaction from other users on Instagram. Think about this for a while…
Instagram Likes
  • 100% Real People
  • Permanent Likes
  • Worldwide Users
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  • $ 3.00
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People always want to know what the buzz’s around

We don’t send everyone and anyone to like your post. All of our likes meet certain strict criteria.

Your post is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your likes over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The likes we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Instagram Likes Skyrocketed!
Written by Sophie Clark  19 Jun, 2023
Thanks to RedSocial's Instagram Likes service, my posts have seen a remarkable boost in likes. It's incredible how quickly this service works. My content is now more visible and appealing to my audience. RedSocial has simplified the process of gaining engagement, and I couldn't be happier with the results!
The Secret Sauce for Instagram Success
Written by Grace Lee  05 Mar, 2023
I was struggling to get traction with my Instagram bakery account until I tried RedSocial's Instagram Likes. The high-quality likes they delivered made my posts look ultra popular and helped me gain many new, real followers organically. This is the secret sauce for making it big on Instagram!
Reasonable price
Written by Scarlett Ipko  17 Dec, 2021
I run a small eyewear store in Baltimore and I’m on a tight budget. RedSocial has managed to Instagram likes on my posts for a very reasonable price. I’ve made sure to recommend you to other small business owners I know
Great job!
Written by Harry Furnes  19 Jan, 2021
If you’re looking to buy Instagram likes, look no further. I’ve worked with countless other sites before and was not impressed. RedSocial provides a speedy service with a quality like none other I’ve worked with before. Great job!
I will use RedSocial again!
Written by Emily Prescott  29 Jun, 2020
The quality of the Instagram likes I received was fantastic. These were real users with their own content liking my post. I will definitely be using RedSocial’s services again
Love this service!
Written by Brad Andringa  29 May, 2020
Gaining followers on Instagram is hard enough, but then getting them to like your posts is even more of a headache. RedSocial came through with their service and I’m really happy with the work they do. The quality of the Instagram likes is impeccable!
Real likes!
Written by Liam Huns  09 Jan, 2020
I highly recommend the Instagram likes service by RedSocial. The users making the likes are real and I also noticed my follower count go up during the delivery. You can’t find the services they provide anywhere else online. I’m going to try their monthly packages moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split the package among multiple posts?
Yes, please submit your Instagram page link on the required field upon selecting the package. Then include all the post links in the “Additional Information” section on our checkout page. The minimum number is 100 likes/post. This means that our 1,000 likes package can be spread among a maximum of 10 posts.
How do likes help my Instagram posts get noticed?
Likes on Instagram serve as a key indicator of content popularity and quality, influencing user behavior and content discovery. Posts with higher like counts are more likely to be featured on Explore pages and top of followers' feeds, enhancing visibility and attracting more engagement from a wider audience.
Does it matter when my posts get likes?
Yes, it matters. If your post gets a lot of likes quickly after you share it, Instagram is more likely to show it to more people. Try to post when lots of your followers are online to get more likes fast.
Why do likes matter to people who make posts?
Getting likes is like getting a pat on the back. It makes content creators feel good and shows them what their followers like. If a post doesn't get many likes, it might be a hint to try something different.
How do likes interact with other engagement metrics on Instagram?
Likes are just one way people can show they enjoyed your post. Comments, shares, and even saving posts are other ways that show even more interest. Together, these actions tell Instagram your content is worth showing to more people.
Are people changing how they use likes?
Yes, people are getting choosier about what they like and looking for more real connections on Instagram. Now, comments and shares are becoming just as important because they show people are really paying attention.
Can the pattern of likes reveal insights about an audience’s preferences?
Analyzing the pattern of likes on posts can offer valuable insights into an audience's preferences, highlighting content types and themes that resonate most. This data can inform content strategy, guiding creators to produce more of what their audience enjoys and engages with.
Do likes matter for working with brands?
Absolutely. Brands look at likes to see how much people are into the content you're creating together. Lots of likes mean the partnership is working well, which is good news for future collabs.

The power of a single photo

On this page, you have the option to buy real Instagram likes. And that’s all we’re promising – if you need real Instagram followers, then go here.

But a single like is all it takes for the user to become interested. If you see a really nice photo from someone you have never heard of, are you going to pay more attention to them? You probably will – Instagram is a social network, after all.

This attention can translate into clicks, followers, and even sales. Again, we just guarantee the likes, but many of our clients report spectacular results aside from them.

We offer a reliable approach

Our likes are cheap and we’re here for you 24/7. There’s no guesswork involved.

Scroll up to select your package. We recommend buying likes relative to how many followers you have – obviously, don’t get more likes than followers. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to reach out – we’d love to chat.

person browsing instagram on phone

Why Red Social for Instagram likes?

When we deliver your Instagram likes, all we do is spread your post around so that different people see it. It’s not rocket science – if enough people see a post, then it will eventually get a certain number of likes. The better the post, the quicker this will happen, but we guarantee our likes no matter what your post is.

Likes do a lot for you – mainly, they get people to pay attention to the post. Think about when you personally scroll through a social network feed – you always pay more attention to the material that has a lot of interaction.

(Comments are another part of the interaction process – you can buy them from us here.)

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