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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Twitch video views impact my channel's visibility?
Higher video views can increase your channel's visibility on Twitch by making your content appear more in recommended streams and search results.
Is there a way to track where my Twitch video views are coming from?
Twitch provides broadcasters with analytics tools that offer insights into viewer demographics and sources of traffic, helping you understand where your views are coming from.
How can I organically increase views on my Twitch videos?
Promote your Twitch channel as much as you can, after that it's just luck. Another option is to purchase views so you can appear on people's feeds more often.
Do views on past broadcasts contribute to the same metrics as live stream views?
Views on past broadcasts, highlights, and live streams are tracked separately in Twitch analytics, but all contribute to understanding your channel's overall viewer engagement.
Do I receive video views from my stream views as well?
Yes, views from your live streams are included in your total video views once the stream is saved as a past broadcast.
How can I remove a viewer from my Twitch stream?
To remove a viewer from your stream, select their username, then click on the three dots for more options. Here, you'll find the option to remove the viewer from your stream.
Does Twitch include me in the viewer count when I'm streaming?
Yes, when you are streaming, Twitch includes you in the overall viewer count. That's why you always have 1 viewer at the beginning of a stream.
Can I buy views for a live Twitch stream?
Indeed, you can purchase views for a live stream. Twitch Live Views are offered as a distinct service. Click here to purchase Twitch Live Views.

Attracting Attention on Twitch

Twitch is a popular platform counting over 140 million monthly active users and over 9 million channels. These numbers may sound scary, if you’re looking to get noticed and create a name for yourself.

Are you already creating cool content but still struggling to get attention? More Twitch video views will give your account the boost needed to attract more engaged users.

Drip-Feeding available

By default, our service is FAST – ridiculously fast! If you would like us to spread the delivery of the views over a certain period of time, please get in touch with us before ordering. We can arrange to extend the delivery over multiple days for more natural growth.

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Why Should You Buy Twitch Video Views?

If you are looking to boost your channel, you should take buying Twitch video views into consideration. People focus on looking at videos that are already popular. They won’t be able to ignore your content if it has a large amount of views. This will bring more popularity to your channel and make it visible to even more users. Popular content will make your channel stand out and strengthen your status.

If you’re looking to make a name for yourself on this gaming platform, we can give you a helping hand.

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