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Views on Instagram Videos have just become a critical metric

Videos no longer display how many “likes” they have – by default, they only show the view count. You can only see the number of likes if you click on the view count. Do you know what this means for you?

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We don’t send everyone and anyone to view your video post. All of our views meet certain strict criteria.

Your video is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your views over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The views we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Who Needs Patience When You Can Buy Views?
Written by Leila Dawson  09 Jul, 2023
I'm an aspiring musician trying to get more eyes on my covers and original songs on Instagram. Getting views the natural way was taking forever. RedSocial delivered the views super fast with great quality. Now my videos look popular and my music is finally getting heard! No more waiting around.
Lights, Camera, Action - Thanks to RedSocial!
Written by Amanda White  08 Feb, 2023
RedSocial's Instagram Views service has been a game-changer for my video content. My videos now receive a flood of views, which has helped me stand out on the platform. If you want to make your videos shine, RedSocial is the way to go!
Written by Cindy Rogers  14 Jan, 2022
My business page on Instagram was getting almost no interaction before I started using RedSocial. After purchasing Instagram views on my videos, my page now looks great and all my friends are impressed.
Great quality!
Written by Greg Harrington  07 Dec, 2021
Instagram has been a pain after so many updates. I am not new to social media services, but I am relatively new to RedSocial. I tested their Instagram views service and it was delivered within 30 minutes. Great quality and great service!
Written by Sandra Hill  08 Jul, 2021
I have been working with RedSocial since 2019. I’ve purchased a lot of Instagram views since I’ve noticed a considerable increase in my reach and gain more followers from different countries which is fantastic!
Regular client
Written by Stacey Bass  01 May, 2020
Instagram views are very important! I’ve noticed that posts with a higher number or views tend to reach many more users on Instagram as it triggers the algorithm. This is why I regularly use RedSocial’s Instagram views service.
No comparison
Written by Beth Mayers  18 Jan, 2019
I have to say, if you’re in need of Instagram services, RedSocial is your one-stop provider. Their Instagram views service has no comparison, it’s almost instant! Thank you for the consistent results RedSocial!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do views matter more than likes on my Instagram videos?
While views and likes serve different roles on Instagram, they don't necessarily matter more than one another; instead, they work in harmony to enhance your content's performance, especially for reels. Views indicate the wide range of your audience, showing how many people have seen your content, which is particularly important for reels as Instagram prioritizes video content. Likes, on the other hand, signify depth of engagement, revealing how many viewers found your content compelling enough to interact with it. Together, high views and likes signal to Instagram's algorithm that your content is both popular and engaging, promoting it across Explore pages and suggested content feeds. 
Is there a risk to my Instagram account if I buy views?
Choosing a reliable service for buying views minimizes risks to your account. Professional services ensure that views come from real users, aligning with Instagram's guidelines and safeguarding your account's credibility and security. It's essential to select providers that prioritize authenticity and compliance. We work on thousands of Instagram pages every month and have never had any of our clients' pages flagged from our services.
Will I get Story Views with this service?
Our Instagram Views service is primarily designed to enhance the visibility of reels and videos posted directly to your feed. However, for those specifically looking to boost their Instagram Story views, we offer a dedicated Instagram Story Viewer service tailored to meet that need. This specialized service ensures that your Stories receive the attention they deserve, complementing the engagement on your main feed content.
What are the next steps after purchasing Instagram views to maximize engagement?
After purchasing Instagram views, actively engaging with your audience is crucial—reply to comments, interact with followers, and maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep the momentum going. Use insights to understand what content performs well and refine your strategy accordingly. Consider experimenting with different content types to keep your feed fresh and engaging. Additionally, leveraging hashtags can further increase your content's visibility.
Can I buy Instagram views multiple times for the same video?
There's no set limit on how many times you can buy views for the same Instagram video. However, for the best results, it's wise to use a strategic approach. Buying views too frequently might make the engagement seem less natural. We're here to advise on the best timing and strategy for purchasing views, helping you enhance your video's visibility in a way that feels authentic and maximizes impact.
Do purchased views help with monetizing my Instagram content?
While directly monetizing Instagram content requires more than just high view counts, increasing your visibility through purchased views can attract brand partnerships, sponsorships, and other monetization opportunities by showcasing your ability to engage a wide audience.
Can I buy views for a video on someone else's Instagram account?
Yes, you can purchase views for an Instagram video that's not on your own account if it’s public. However, it's important to have the consent and cooperation of the account holder, as this involves promoting their content. We recommend discussing and aligning with the content creator to ensure that the increase in views aligns with their strategy and vision. This respectful approach helps maintain the integrity of the service and honors the content creator's ownership and preferences.
When will I see an increase in view count after purchasing?
After you've selected a package from our service page, you can expect to see the view count on your Instagram video start to rise shortly after placing your order. We've specified our delivery times for each package to ensure a prompt boost, helping your content gain the visibility it deserves efficiently and effectively. 

Why Red Social?

This shows just how much influence Instagram has given to this metric – and we’re here to help you leverage it to the fullest extent.

Fair prices for unfair advantage over your competitors

We aim to offer a high-quality service at an affordable rate so you can make your impact without breaking the bank. This is why our packages start as low as $1 for 100 Views.

Everyone focuses on followers, like and comments. That’s great! But views are another metric Instagram’s algorithm uses to decide whether your content should be pushed forward. And most don’t know that. Or they do realize the importance of views, but they haven’t come across us. Get ahead!

Jump up and grab one of our packages and start building up the “view” metric now.

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Drip-Feeding available!

By default, our service is FAST – ridiculously fast! If you would like us to spread the delivery of the views over a certain period of time, please get in touch with us before ordering. We can arrange to extend the delivery over multiple days for a more natural growth.

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