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There are two ways you can get interaction on a Facebook post – likes and shares

The number of shares that you have on any individual post will determine how many of your fans see that particular update. Having a lot of shares and likes on all of your updates will also ensure a healthy organic reach on your posts in the future.

Facebook Post Shares
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Your posts get shared by people who actually care

We don’t send everyone and anyone to share your post. All of our shares meet certain strict criteria.

Your post is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your shares over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The shares we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Facebook Post Shares That Make a Difference!
Written by Michael Carter  17 Jul, 2023
RedSocial's Facebook Post Shares service has made a significant impact on my social media strategy. Building buzz around our brand is crucial, and RedSocial has helped us achieve just that. With their genuine post shares from real users, our content has reached a broader audience, resulting in increased brand visibility and engagement. RedSocial is now an integral part of our social media strategy.
Drove More Traffic to My Website
Written by Olivia Brown  22 Jan, 2023
As an author, I rely on Facebook for sharing links to my newest articles and driving traffic to my site. The post shares I bought from RedSocial were super effective. I was able to find bookworms and bloggers who then shared my posts to their own networks. The increase in shares resulted in a major spike in referral traffic to my website. Definitely a great investment that paid off!
Thanks RedSocial!
Written by Angela Lott  17 Jan, 2022
Facebook Post Shares is one of the best services RedSocial offers. It is done by authentic users and has boosted my Facebook posts’ reach. I will undoubtedly continue to purchase services from RedSocial!
The social media royalty!
Written by Patrick Higgins  13 Aug, 2021
I could have never imagined that buying Facebook Post Shares would be so easy and cheap! That’s why you rule the social media game!
Just give it a try!
Written by Natalia Cross  12 Nov, 2020
I used to manage my Facebook page on my own, but I was stuck for a while. I was pleasantly surprised when I placed an order on RedSocial a couple of weeks ago. I decided on Facebook Post shares because of its cheap price, just to try and I was shocked by the results! I now have more followers which are very active on my page!
RedSocial always delivers!
Written by Mary Watson  29 Mar, 2020
I started making content on my Facebook page about a year ago. With my page growing I couldn’t keep track of metrics, so I decided to get some help. I ordered Facebook Post Shares and sat back and saw my metrics climb! RedSocial has been my virtual assistant ever since and I’m no longer worried about my metrics, cause I know they stay high!
Excellent service!
Written by Eric Redfern  13 Feb, 2020
It was incredible to see how many organic shares my posts received after purchasing Facebook Post Shares from RedSocial. That's exactly what I expected. Excellent service and tool. Thank you very much!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Noticeable Is It That I’ve Purchased Facebook Post Shares?
Purchasing Facebook post shares through our service is discreet. Shares originate from real users, making the process appear entirely organic. This approach ensures your content's engagement growth seems natural, without any clear indicators that shares have been purchased.
What Advantages Do Real Facebook Shares Offer My Page or Profile?
Genuine Facebook shares significantly boost the visibility and engagement of your content, presenting it to a wider audience. This not only increases your content's reach but also signals to Facebook's algorithm that your content is engaging, thus improving its distribution. Ultimately, real shares enhance your page's or profile's standing on the platform, attracting more organic engagement.
Does the timing of when my Facebook post is shared affect its overall engagement and visibility?
When your Facebook post is shared can play a big role in how much engagement it gets and how visible it becomes. Sharing during peak times, when more people are online, can increase the chances of your post being seen by a wider audience. However, engaging content tends to perform well regardless of the time it's shared. Strategic sharing, like timing a post around a specific event or when your target audience is most active, can maximize engagement and extend your post's reach even further.
Can Shares Be Distributed Across Multiple Posts?
Yes, our service allows the flexibility to distribute shares across various posts. You can specify the distribution, enabling a uniform increase in engagement across your chosen content. This tailored approach helps in evenly boosting the visibility and interaction with your posts.
How Does Your Service Compare with Facebook Ads?
Our Facebook shares service offers a distinct advantage by enhancing organic reach and interaction, which complements the targeted reach of Facebook ads. While ads target specific users based on demographics, our shares increase the organic visibility of your posts, adding a layer of authenticity and broader engagement that ads alone might not achieve.
How can I manage my share permissions?
You can't directly pick who shares your posts, but buying shares can help get your post noticed by more people. When more people see your post because you bought some shares, it's more likely that even more people will share it on their own. This way, your post gets out to even more Facebook users, boosting how many people see and interact with it.
Where can I see the total share count?
You can view the total share count directly on the post, where Facebook displays engagement statistics. This number includes both organic and any purchased shares, offering a clear insight into the post's overall engagement.
Do you offer any other services that complement Facebook Post Shares?
To maximize the effectiveness of Facebook post shares, combining them with Facebook post likes proves to be particularly beneficial. Likes reinforce the positive signal shares send to Facebook's algorithm, further amplifying your content's reach and visibility on the platform.

Shares + Likes For Maximum Reach

When you post something new on Facebook, it’s not shown to all of the people who like your page. If every post from every page a person liked popped up on his newsfeed, then he’d be bombarded with hundreds upon hundreds of messages each day.

Instead, Facebook shows the post to a select few people, and then determines how share-worthy your post is. When your post is popular, it gets shown to more people. Unpopular posts stop cold.

Remember, likes and shares are the only two real metrics to determine this popularity. If you buy Facebook post shares and Facebook post likes, then your posts will reach more of the people who like your page – it’s just that simple.

Reboot your long-time stagnant reach

Facebook tries to display content from the best pages, so if your page has consistently received very few likes and very few shares on each post, then you’re not seen as a “good” page. Unfortunately, for pages like this, your natural reach will be incredibly low – some have reported natural reaches of under 1% if they lack shares and likes.

You have to do something to fix this problem if you want your future posts to reach a lot of your fans. You fix it with shares and likes. We slowly drip feed all of your Facebook post shares to your content, so it looks like your page is naturally getting more popular. Facebook will notice this, and then adjust its algorithm for your page so that your new posts get the attention that they deserve.

person clicking on their phone while imaginary interactions come out

Post shares make you popular

Post shares hit the timeline! When someone likes a Facebook post, it’s shown on the live feed in the sidebar. (This is also called the “Live Ticker”.)

That’s not bad, but post shares are even more powerful – they show up on the timeline of the person who shared it. This doesn’t guarantee that all of his friends will see that timeline post, but it does encourage extra traffic from those who do.

Good content is still vital.

Certain threshold needs to be breached for someone to share a Facebook post. They obviously must enjoy the content, but it also has to be so good that they want to share it with friends.

Sweet word-of-mouth recommendations

If you buy Facebook post shares and get shares on all of your posts, then it looks like you’re putting out content that’s not just good, but rather good enough to the point where people are itching to tell their friends about it. It’s not a bad image to have.


Paired with likes, your profile is supercharged

Scroll up to select your Facebook posts package. We highly recommend buying some Facebook post likes from us at the same time. Double the investment, twice the reward!

Hand-in-hand with organic growth

The result of this will be your page looking popular and getting a lot of natural reach on its new posts. Facebook can be a powerful promotional tool, but if your posts aren’t being seen by anyone, then it’s useless. Browse our packages today!

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