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No one gives you a chance because everyone is listening only to popular music. SoundCloud plays give you the recognition you deserve. Within days, we’ll send hundreds or thousands of music fans to listen to your music, and we will ensure – most of them stay for the upcoming releases!

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We don’t send everyone and anyone to play your track. All of our plays meet certain strict criteria.

Your track is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your plays over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The plays we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Amplify Your SoundCloud Presence with RedSocial!
Written by Lily Anderson  08 May, 2023
RedSocial's SoundCloud Plays service has amplified my presence on the platform. The surge in plays has not only made my tracks more popular but has also attracted a wider audience. It's incredible how quickly this service works.
Plays Grew My Reach
Written by Jay Washingto  09 Jan, 2023
As an unsigned rapper, I was struggling to get listens on SoundCloud. I purchased 30k authentic-looking plays from RedSocial for my new track. In no time, the track was charting and I was gaining thousands of real profile followers organically! The plays signaled demand for my music.
Highly recommend RedSocial!
Written by Joshua Greene  19 Dec, 2022
I bought SoundCloud plays for my track and it definitely helped increase my visibility on the platform. I saw an increase in my view count and also got some new followers after the service was delivered. Highly recommend RedSocial!
Love using RedSocial
Written by Rex Sanchez  22 Oct, 2021
I've been using this service for a while now and it's been a game changer for my SoundCloud account. The plays are high quality and come in quickly, and it's been great for increasing my visibility and growing my audience.
The best provider for SoundCloud plays!
Written by Saul Bridges  27 Mar, 2021
I've tried a few different services to boost my SoundCloud plays and this one was by far the best. The plays came in gradually and looked organic, and I saw a noticeable increase in engagement on my track.
Buying Soundcloud plays is worth the money!
Written by Angie Coleman  09 Nov, 2020
I was skeptical at first, but buying SoundCloud plays was definitely worth it. It helped me get my music in front of more people and I even got some new followers on other platforms as a result.
Definitely worth it!
Written by Max Medina  03 Jun, 2020
I didn't know what to expect when I decided to buy SoundCloud plays, but I was pleasantly surprised. My track got a lot more exposure, and I saw all the plays were delivered in a timely manner. Definitely worth it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for someone to know if I'm listening to their tracks on SoundCloud?
No, listening to songs on SoundCloud does not disclose your identity or presence to the track owner.
What qualifies as a 'play' on SoundCloud?
A play is counted on SoundCloud when a track is streamed for a minimum of 30 seconds. Our service ensures organic plays that adhere to this criterion.
Am I able to upload songs to SoundCloud without any charges?
Yes, you can upload songs for free provided they are under 3 hours in duration and the file size is less than 4GB for a regular account.s
Does SoundCloud include my own listens in the play count?
No, SoundCloud does not count plays from the account that uploaded the track.
What is the minimum number of plays required to qualify for SoundCloud Premier?
To be eligible for SoundCloud Premier, you need to be an independent artist with either a Pro or Pro Unlimited subscription. Additionally, your tracks must have garnered a minimum of 5,000 plays over the last month, exclusively from countries where SoundCloud offers monetization.
How does a high number of plays affect listener perception?
Listeners naturally gravitate towards tracks with higher play counts, associating popularity with quality. A song with many plays is more likely to be given a chance by new listeners, who may listen longer and more attentively.
Can boosting plays help with my SoundCloud song promotion?
Absolutely. Songs with high play counts are easier to promote because they're perceived as more popular and engaging, making promotional efforts more effective and less challenging.
How many plays on SoundCloud are considered sufficient for earning a significant income?
To start earning a notable income from SoundCloud, creators generally need hundreds of thousands of plays. This, combined with regularly posting high-quality content and securing some live performances, can significantly boost and monetize your SoundCloud account.

Boosting SoundCloud Songs with Plays

The number of plays on a SoundCloud song will make or break the success of that song.

Without a high number of plays on a song, you will suffer from the following:

  • Low interest. Good songs have lots of plays. SoundCloud users will see your low play count and assume your song isn’t worth listening to.
  • Difficult promotion. Similarly, when you do other song promotion, new listeners will assume the song just isn’t very good.
  • Few recommendations. SoundCloud’s automatic recommendations all but ignore unpopular songs with low play counts.

But with a high play count, you are granted with all of the following advantages:

  • Automatic interest. Everyone is interested in listening to popular songs. It’s just a natural response. Lots of listens means the song must be good and that’s what they are here for!
  • Easy promotion. It’s not hard to get new listeners to listen to a popular song. New listeners will also give the song more of a “chance” before they decide to stop listening.
  • Lots of recommendations. SoundCloud’s recommendations give advantage to high-play songs. SoundCloud wants to be popular too, so they will recommend what is played the most!

Scroll up and select a SoundCloud play package to get started today. Trust Red Social, the web’s leading social signal marketing agency, to give your SoundCloud the boost it deserves. All orders are risk-free and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Red Social Knows SoundCloud

  • Speedy delivery. Don’t wait months to become popular. Get listeners to all of your songs today.
  • Safe choice. Because our promotional methods are organic, your play counts will never decrease.
  • Affordable. Red Social offers the most affordable high-quality SoundCloud plays on the web. Found cheaper? Let us know, we will give you a better deal!
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