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TikTok Shares - The Secret to Success!
Written by David Foster  09 Aug, 2023
I can't emphasize enough how crucial RedSocial's TikTok Shares service has been for my success on the platform. The increased shares have amplified my reach and engagement, and I've gained more views than ever before. RedSocial consistently delivers effective solutions for TikTok growth.
Shares Made Me Famous
Written by Samantha Hughes  15 Apr, 2023
My TikTok dance videos were not getting any traction. I bought TikTok Shares from RedSocial which instantly pushed my videos onto the FYP. This caused an explosion in interactions! Don't wait around hoping for organic growth - get shares and let the algorithm make you famous.
RedSocial can help
Written by Zion Fox  30 Sep, 2022
As an artist I take great pleasure in sharing my music with the world. Once I started uploading videos on TikTok I immediately purchased TikTok shares and other TikTok services from RedSocial. I didn’t have to wait long and my videos and songs gained a considerable following. I’ll continue to use them and who knows, the next big TikTok hit you hear might be made by me.
Simply the best
Written by Theo Waren  15 Feb, 2022
I have been working for some time with RedSocial on the platforms that I stream (YouTube and Twitch) and my social media posts on TikTok and Instagram. TikTok shares is one of my favorite services since it’s extremely fast and has such awesome prices. Many people discovered me on TikTok and they have become regulars on Twitch streams. RedSocial truly delivers.
Fantastic service
Written by Dean Arnold  23 Jan, 2021
TikTok shares is a great service that RedSocial offers. It is fast and 100% real. I recommend it with no hesitation.
The real deal
Written by Ricardo Mendoza  23 May, 2020
I was hesitant at first when it came to buying TikTok shares online. I heard some bad stories from friends who tried services from other sites, but I purchased TikTok shares from RedSocial, just to give it a try. I have to say, I struck gold on my first try. Amazing service, great responses and the results were instant on my account. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
RedSocial has some true experts
Written by Lucia Stone  01 Feb, 2020
I have been using RedSocial for promotional services on my Instagram and Twitter. TikTok was an afterthought for a while and I didn’t pay much attention to the content I uploaded there. One of my videos suddenly blew up and I had so many people following me across all platforms. That’s when I began giving more thought and attention to TikTok, but it was clear I was going to need some help. One video wasn’t enough, so I purchased 500 TikTok shares from RedSocial and my videos became more and more popular. They know what they’re doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many shares should I purchase?
We recommend your videos should resemble the natural engagement you normally see on TikTok. That means the video should have more views (and likes) compared to shares.
How long will it take to deliver my order?
We have listed the delivery time for each package on the descriptions below.
When will my order start?
We begin setting up your order, right after it has been placed. The setup period takes no longer than 24 hours, after which the delivery of the service will begin.
Do not underestimate TikTok shares!

As you may already know, TikTok pays close attention to its video metrics. Views are the first metric which signal a user's interest. Likes will confirm that users enjoy the video. Whilst shares solidify the quality of the content by proving users also want to share it with others!

Shares are much harder to be attained compared to other engagements and TikTok is well aware of this. If you've already started purchasing views and likes for your TikTok videos, you should consider adding TikTok shares to your strategy.

When you promote your videos you should make sure you're applying a well-rounded variety of services and TikTok shares may just be what you've been missing out on!

TikTok has way more potential than you think

TikTok is booming right now! There are 500 million active users, and the numbers are only going upward! If that doesn’t impress you (it definitely should), how about the fact that TikTok is more popular than LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat?

Are you a business owner looking for a close-to-free and immensely effective way to get more customers? Get on it! Most of your competitors are not aware of the potential TikTok has. Leverage their unawareness for your own good!

Are you an influencer, content creator or just looking to impress your friends? Get on it! There’s no quicker route to a massive follower base and viral exposure than by posting on TikTok.

Why RedSocial for TikTok marketing?

Unless you get to work with TikTok’s team directly (impossible..), there are no companies as competent as we are. We’ve been in the whole social media environment since 2011. TikTok was launched in 2016. What does that mean for you?

We have been on it since day one. Sure, today there are hundreds of “TikTok Growth Hackers”, but none of them has closely followed each and every update like we have. We know every single feature they’ve launched, and every single performance indicator that makes a difference for the users, you include.

Essentially, you get the second-best source of knowledge about the platform after the developers themselves. We know everything there is to know about becoming a TikTok superstar. And you now have the opportunity to take advantage of our expertise at prices no other provider has dared to offer.

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