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When people favorite a video on YouTube, they are telling YouTube that they really liked the video.

Directly, favorites help you show up in the user’s profile. The people who he’s connected with will see that he’s favorited and will be much more likely to click on it to find out why.

Indirectly, you get lots of love from YouTube when your videos have favorites – more on this below.

YouTube Favorites
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Follower friends and YouTube algorithm choose favorites over everything

We don’t send everyone and anyone to favorite your video. All of our favorites meet certain strict criteria.

Your video is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your favorites over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The favorites we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time

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Thank you for giving my videos enough attention and time. The YouTube Favorites I purchased helped my videos a lot and you are true to your word and deliver as promised.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will these favorites drop over time?
The favorites we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

Buy YouTube Favorites

Favorites lead to more views between friends

Whenever you’re subscribed to another user, you can see what videos he watches and favorites. It’s sort of like Facebook when you see that your friend has commented on something – you have got to find what the buzz is all about.

By buying YouTube favorites from us, you will increase the views on your videos. YouTubers will see that the people who they are following have watched your video and click on it as a result of that.

Seeing those who you care enough to subscribe do something is very powerful. Most of the time, users on YouTube are relatively unengaged, clicking from video to video aimlessly.

But when a user clicks on a video because it was favorited by a friend, he’s actively engaged. He knows that someone he’s following has watched it, so he pays extra attention to it. Just like you would pay more attention to an ad that your friend shows you over a random one you saw on TV.

Watch out: YouTube can tell if the people favoriting the video are real people or just bots. If they’re bots, then YouTube won’t give you any special attention.

If they’re real, on the other hand…

YouTube ranks videos based on favorites

Obviously, YouTube wants to be recommending videos based on which ones are popular. Popular videos mean that they are (usually) enjoyable to watch. That’s why if you search for anything on YouTube, you will see videos with lots of views, likes, and favorites.

We’d recommend buying YouTube views and favorites at the same time. Doing this is basically forcing YouTube to rank your video for different search terms. You’ll be one of the first results when YouTube is deciding which videos to show the searcher.

YouTube also recommends based on favorites

YouTube shows recommended videos in the sidebar and at the end of other videos. They’re more prone to show videos with a lot of favorites over ones that don’t have any. (If you’re reading this, then yours probably don’t have very many right now.)

If you’re just starting out, scroll up and choose one of the smaller packages. If you’ve already been enlightened to the raw power of favorites, then choose a larger one and watch your videos break into the public space with ease.

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