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Create a positive impression on your posts at first glance!

If you come across an interesting post on Facebook, the comments section is where you find out whether other people think the same.

Ideally, you want the comments section to be filled up with topics and discussions that praise your content and spread a positive reaction towards your page. However, most posts receive little to no comments at all. Why’s that?

People are hesitant to be the first person to comment, but are certainly more willing to hop on the bandwagon when they notice others have already done so.

Facebook Comments
  • 100% Real People
  • Permanent Comments
  • Worldwide users
  • Fast Delivery
  • $ 10.00
  • $ 18.00
  • $ 40.00
  • $ 75.00
  • $ 350.00

Make your comments section worth viewing!

We don’t send everyone and anyone to comment on your post. All of our comments meet certain strict criteria.

The comments we provide come from real worldwide Facebook accounts
We can drip your comments over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
Our comments are relevant to your content – You can also provide us with the text yourself
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Comments do you need?

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Increased Brand Interaction
Written by Sarah Green  19 Aug, 2023
I manage social media for a consumer product brand and wanted to increase interaction on our Facebook posts. The custom Facebook comments from RedSocial made a huge difference. Our posts now have tons of relevant comments and replies between excited customers and brand fans. It created buzz and conversations around our products. Very satisfied with this service!
Created Engaging Conversations
Written by Ryan Adams  09 Feb, 2023
As a blogger, I want to have active and engaging conversations on my Facebook posts. The Facebook comments I got from RedSocial helped immensely with this. Now my posts have long threads filled with relevant comments from interested readers. It makes my page look more lively and encourages participation. I've also been able to connect more deeply with my audience through the conversations.
They will help you reach your goals
Written by Vincent Porte  18 Jun, 2022
If I have any issues reaching my social media goals, Red Social’s services are the first that come to mind. Facebook Comments are always one of the best and most reliable, because they help with metrics as well as engagement. I cannot recommend them enough for any issues you have or improvements you want to do on your social media presence!
Fast and reliable
Written by Penelope Whitfield  10 Oct, 2021
I love this service! My Facebook page needed an increase in relevance and purchasing the Facebook Comments service was exactly what my page was lacking! The comments looked amazing, related to my page and started to appear almost as soon as I placed my order. This is my first purchase with Red Social, and I can tell you it won’t be the last
Red Social improves, doesn’t just fix
Written by Vanesa Haley  12 Jan, 2021
I have been recently investing more and more time into growing my social media presence for my Nail Salon business. I never had a problem with likes, but my clients and followers didn’t really leave many comments. I wanted to encourage my followers to comment more so I purchased some Facebook Comments from Red Social and it made a difference. Everyone started commenting more and even giving advice to each other! I will be trying some more services from Red Social, to see how much I can grow my business with their help.
Excellent service
Written by Teigan Rodgers  12 May, 2020
I am so happy I stumbled upon Red Social! My Facebook page needed a boost of engagement and Facebook Comments did the trick! They were delivered fast and within a couple of weeks my page got more user engagement than it had in months. Highly recommend!
Always deliver
Written by Arielle Cobb  19 Feb, 2020
Red Social is the best, not only for their prices, which are unmatched, but for the quality of their services as well. The service I use the most is Facebook Comments, since it gives my page a little push once in a while and encourages others to comment as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can comments be delivered to any Facebook post?
Yes, we can deliver Facebook comments to standard posts, videos, reels, group posts etc. If you have difficulties finding the correct link format, feel free to email our team and we’d be happy to provide you with a step-by-step guide.
Can all your packages be drip fed?
The minimum number of Facebook comments we can process for an order is 10. For example, if you purchase 20 comments, we can split the delivery in 2 batches. If you purchase 50 comments, we can split the delivery into 5 batches (and so on).
Can the comments be targeted to users from a specific location?
The comments advertised on this service page come from worldwide users. If you’re interested in targeted comments, please contact us and we’ll let you know if we have any available options.
Can I determine the text for the comments?
Of course! You can include the text for the comments on the “Additional Information” section on the checkout page.

Strategies for Enhanced Engagement

You may be receiving hundreds, if not thousands of likes among your posts. However, one of the most difficult interactions to receive from users on Facebook are comments. Facebook comments are both an important metric for your posts and a powerful tool to create solid social proof.

More comments = More engagement

Facebook grows bigger every day, however it’s users are overwhelmed by the amount of content they scroll through each day. Posts that don’t stand out are only skimmed through for a couple of seconds and that’s it. Buying Facebook comments will make you posts stand out!

  • More comments on a product post could lead to more sales.
  • More comments on a music video could lead to more fans.
  • More comments on your day to day posts, will motivate other users to comment as well.

A service tailored for your needs.

We are aware that you may want your comments to be very specific. This is why we also accept custom text which you would like to include on each comment. The comments will be posted exactly as provided (negative comments/hateful speech are not accepted).

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