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Ever since Instagram introduced the option for users to subscribe to Meta Verified and get the verified badge, standing out has become much easier. But wouldn’t it be better if your profile were verified for you? While there’s no specific follower count requirement, your account must represent a well-known, frequently searched person or business. How can you achieve that? That’s where our service comes in!

What sets our service apart is our commitment to authenticity. When you buy Instagram followers through our service, we ensure that every follower you gain is a real account, providing you with sustainable growth. This unique approach not only supports your Instagram growth but also maintains the integrity of your social media interactions. Choose RedSocial to help improve your marketing efforts with real results that accurately represent the full potential of your company. 

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Build an audience of genuine, engaged followers

We don’t send everyone and anyone to follow your page. All of our followers meet certain strict criteria.

We promote your page to a global, English-speaking audience to enhance visibility and ensure your content reaches the right viewers. This targeted approach is designed to increase the relevance and credibility of your profile.
We offer the flexibility to drip-feed followers over a period of time that suits your growth strategy, ensuring the increase appears natural and organic.
The followers we provide are real users. You can rely on these followers to boost your profile's credibility and enhance its overall visibility. This can help your page appear more reputable and established over time.
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Instagram Followers that Transform Your Profile!
Written by Mike Williams  07 Aug, 2023
I recently used RedSocial's Instagram Followers service, and I'm amazed at the transformation it brought to my profile. The influx of real and engaged followers has boosted my presence on the platform. If you're serious about growing your Instagram presence, RedSocial is the way to go!
Don't Waste Time - Buy Real Instagram Followers
Written by Noah Chen  21 Feb, 2023
Getting genuine Instagram followers the old fashioned way was taking forever. With RedSocial, my influencer account took off overnight! If you need a boost, this is a no-brainer.
The Instagram followers are real!
Written by Darius Kaube  15 Feb, 2022
My photography account was not performing well on Instagram. I had tried purchasing followers from other providers but was not impressed. My friend recommended RedSocial to me and I was not disappointed. Their Instagram followers are real!
Very helpful!
Written by Ben Salzwedel  09 Jan, 2022
My father owns a used car dealership in Auckland and for years he had no social media presence. I started working with RedSocial to increase the page's Instagram followers and now many people that stop by the dealership say they saw us on Instagram.
True professionals!
Written by Daniel Kedves  07 Sep, 2021
Gaining more Instagram followers became a headache for me when I opened my Instagram page. I was stuck at less than 100 followers for months and no one bothered engaging with my page. That’s why I decided to purchase followers from RedSocial. They are true professionals and I’m happy with the results!
Good quality followers
Written by Bonnie Neuman  08 Aug, 2021
At first I was not comfortable purchasing Instagram followers for my page. But after spending literally thousands of dollars on Instagram ads, I needed to find something with a more direct impact on my follower count. This is why I decided to go with RedSocial. They are not the cheapest, but I cannot complain about the quality.
All of their services are reliable!
Written by Ruth Sonnen  07 Aug, 2021
Well it’s hard for me to summarize everything I like about the RedSocial team. I’ve grown over 15 different Instagram pages with them since the pandemic hit, and I decided to start working online. All of their services are reliable and I’ve made a pretty penny reselling their Instagram followers packages!
Written by Alis Peters  15 Jun, 2021
I’m glad to have found RedSocial! The quality of their Instagram followers is superb. All of the users had their own follower base and looked genuine!

How Instagram's Algorithm Works with Your Followers

Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to posts based on how users interact with them, such as likes and comments. However, having more followers can help increase the visibility of your posts. This happens because a larger follower count can make your content appear more credible and popular to the algorithm, even if these followers don’t actively engage with your content.

Why Follower Count Matters

Think of your follower count as a snowball at the top of a hill. When you have more followers, the snowball is bigger, and as it rolls down, it picks up even more snow. On Instagram, a bigger “snowball” (or follower count) means your posts are more likely to be seen and shared. This can help you reach even more people over time.

Using Follower Count to Your Advantage

While the followers provided through our service do not engage with content actively, their presence alone can contribute to enhancing your profile’s visibility. This can attract more organic viewers who might engage with your posts, leading to increased organic interaction over time.

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Myth or Reality: Does Buying Followers Risk My Account?

A question many people have when it comes to buying Instagram followers is if it puts their account at risk. Indeed, if your follower count suddenly spikes with profiles that look faker than Katy Perry’s AI Met Gala outfit, Instagram might take notice. But with our service, that’s not a concern you need to have. We understand the worry about rapid follower increases, possibly leading others to suspect they aren’t genuine. But rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Every follower we provide is a real, English-speaking person.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the increase in your followers doesn’t just look real; it feels real. If you decide to share that you’ve boosted your numbers with our help, even your closest friends will be impressed by the quality and authenticity of your new followers. They’ll look through your follower list and see active, genuine profiles, which helps solidify your social proof and enhances your credibility on the platform. Our process is carefully calibrated to ensure that your account’s growth is organic-looking, safeguarding against potential flags by Instagram’s algorithms, and aligning perfectly with your long-term marketing strategies.

How Our Follower Delivery Works

Our service ensures that the process of buying Instagram followers is seamless and secure. We source followers from genuine, active Instagram profiles to ensure authenticity. This process is carefully managed to maintain the security of your account, avoiding any practices that could risk your privacy or Instagram standing.

Transparency and Process Details

  • Time Frame: The delivery of followers begins within 48 hours of your order and is completed based on the package size and the estimated delivery time on our packages.
  • Follower Retention Rate: We aim for high retention rates by providing followers from real accounts, reducing the typical drop-off you might see with lower quality sources.
  • Gradual Delivery Options: To ensure natural growth, followers can be delivered gradually over a period of time, mimicking organic follower gain and maintaining account safety.

We are committed to transparency throughout this process. You’ll be informed about the campaign from the moment you place your order to the completion of follower delivery. 

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Getting Started with Your Purchase

Buying Instagram followers through our service is a straightforward process designed to ensure ease and security. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to place your order:

Selecting Your Follower Package

  • Start by choosing the number of followers you wish to purchase. You can select from predefined packages or use the slider feature to customize the quantity based on your needs.
  • If using the slider, you’ll find an option to insert your Instagram URL link directly there. This helps us know where to send the followers.

Adding to Cart and Checking Out

  • After selecting the desired amount of followers, add the selection to your cart. If you haven’t already entered your Instagram URL in the slider, you’ll need to include it in the cart next to the product details where the price and quantity are listed.
  • To view your cart, click on the cart icon located in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Proceed to checkout where you will fill in your payment details. During this step, you will also have the option to create an account with RedSocial for any future purchases. This account setup is optional but recommended for easier tracking and management of orders.

Finalizing Your Purchase

  • Before making the payment, there’s space to leave any order-specific notes, such as preferences for delivery or other special requests.
  • Click on ‘Make Secure Payment’ to complete your purchase. We ensure that all transactions made through our services are 100% secure, safeguarding your payment and personal information.

How Do I Find My Profile Link

When buying followers, it’s crucial that you provide us with the correct Instagram profile link to ensure the delivery process is smooth and error-free. Here’s how you can easily find and share your Instagram profile link, which is essential for accurately directing the followers to your account.

On Mobile

  • Go to Your Profile: Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right to visit your profile.
  • Share Your Profile: Next to “Edit profile”, you will find an option “Share profile”. 
  • Copy the Link: A QR code and additional sharing options will appear. Underneath, you’ll see the option “Copy Link.” Tap this to copy your profile’s URL.
  • Paste the Link: Now, you can paste this link directly into the required field on our website when ordering followers.

On Desktop

  • Navigate to Instagram: Open your web browser and go to the Instagram website.
  • Visit Your Profile: Click on your profile icon in the bottom left corner to go to your profile.
  • Copy the URL: Your profile link can be seen in the browser’s address bar. It should look something like
  • Use the Link: Copy this URL and use it wherever needed, such as when inputting it into our service form to ensure the followers are directed to the correct account.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve kick-started your Instagram growth through our follower service, it’s crucial to think about the next steps in your strategy. Gaining followers is just the beginning.

Develop a Content Strategy

Craft a content plan that resonates with your niche. Look at which of your posts got the most likes and comments, and try to create more posts like those. Being consistent means not only posting regularly but also making sure your posts are always high quality and stick to a style that your followers like.

Engage Actively

Engagement is a two-way street. Start conversations, reply to comments, and engage with your followers’ content as well. This builds relationships and loyalty, encouraging more interaction from followers.

Consider Our Instagram Management Services

To sustain the growth and ensure your account remains vibrant and engaging, consider subscribing to our Instagram Management Services. Our subscription includes regular likes, comments, and followers, which not only helps in maintaining an active account but also strategically enhances your presence. 

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram bio is key since it’s the only spot on your profile where you can include a clickable link. Use this space to promote your most important content like your website, latest video, or any other links you want to share. Keep this link updated to match your latest activities and consider using a bio tool to manage multiple links. Also, make sure your bio has a clear call to action that encourages visitors to click the link.

Hand with megaphone emerging from Instagram post frame, surrounded by social media icons.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does having more followers help my Instagram?
More followers make your account look popular and trustworthy, which can attract even more people. It's like a snowball effect – the more followers you have, the more people will want to join in and follow you too.
Tips for growing my followers after using your service?
Keep posting regularly, use hashtags that make sense, and interact with other accounts similar to yours. Sharing great content that tells a story or helps people somehow can also get more shares, helping you grow.
Why is it important to have real followers instead of automated bots?
Real followers provide genuine engagement that can lead to increased brand loyalty and higher conversion rates for commercial profiles. Unlike bots, real followers can share your content within their network, broadening your reach authentically and significantly impacting your social proof.
How do more followers change how my posts show up on Instagram?
Instagram likes showing off posts that get a lot of action because it means people are enjoying them. Having more followers usually means more likes and comments, which can help your posts get seen by even more people.
How do you make sure my follower growth looks real?
Our strategies are designed to mimic organic growth patterns, gradually increasing your follower count in a manner that aligns with Instagram's natural user behavior and compliance standards. This approach safeguards your profile against potential flags for sudden, unnatural spikes in followers.
How do you determine the right pace for adding new followers to my profile?
The pace at which new followers are added is carefully calculated based on your current engagement levels, profile activity, and specific goals. This personalized approach ensures that growth not only appears natural but also aligns with your content strategy and audience engagement patterns.
How does diversifying my follower base enhance my profile's engagement and reach?
Diversifying your follower base introduces your content to a wide array of perspectives and interests, potentially increasing engagement through varied interactions. A diverse follower base can also extend your reach into different communities, opening up opportunities for cross-promotion and broader visibility.
Do you need my Instagram password to start working on my account?
No, we don't need your Instagram password to promote your account. Our services are designed to work externally, respecting your privacy and security. All we require is the profile URL to target your account for promotion, ensuring a secure and trustworthy process without compromising your account's safety.
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