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When you have the external Facebook Like plugin installed on your website, each page displays a number count next to the button. These types of likes are called “Website Likes”. You get more of them when someone likes a page directly from the plugin.

Facebook Website Likes
  • 100% Real People
  • Worldwide Fans
  • Stable Likes
  • Fast Delivery
  • $ 3.00
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Become more popular and trustworthy at once

Building social proof for your website can have a substantial affect on your rankings and online credibility.

Your webpage will be promoted on a worldwide active Facebook audience
We can drip your likes over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The website likes we provide come from genuinely real users and will be displayed on Facebook analytics
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Increased Trust For My Business Website
Written by Amanda Wilson  02 Jun, 2023
As a small business owner, I wanted to make my company website look more credible and established. The Facebook website likes I got from RedSocial helped substantially. Now when visitors come to my site, they see the Facebook like button with thousands of likes. It makes my business look more popular and gets people to have more trust in my website. I'm very happy with the credibility boost the likes have provided.
Boosted Perceived Value of My Website
Written by Emily Davis  11 Feb, 2023
Having a strong online presence is crucial. RedSocial's service allows us to boost the number of likes on our website pages, which has increased our credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of our visitors. If you want to enhance your website's appeal and boost engagement, RedSocial is the way to go.
Super easy process.
Written by Domitille Cokes  03 Feb, 2022
They only needed the link to my webpage in order to deliver the service. I got an initial report within 24 hours of placing my order and the service started shortly after. I really like how these Facebook likes are instantly updated on my website!
Answered all my questions.
Written by Braylon Siebert  27 Feb, 2021
I was not sure how Facebook website likes were useful for my site so I contacted the support team which provided me with a few case studies on this matter. Went ahead and placed an order and I’m very happy with their support so far!
Social is the new SEO
Written by Constant Ayers  27 Jun, 2020
As a digital marketer, you want to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. SEO has changed a lot and it’s important to also incorporate social media links/signals following modern methods. RedSocial knows their business.
Noticed a difference on SERPS!
Written by Aubrey Triggs  27 Apr, 2020
I focus most of my SEO efforts buying relevant guest post listings and was surprised to see the difference including Facebook website likes on these articles made. Can’t recommend this service enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Drip-Feed delivery?
Yes, we are able to naturally drip-feed the delivery of of the likes you order. Please leave a note in the order details section mentioning that you’d like us to drip-feed the delivery.
Can I split the package among multiple URL's?
Yes. Simply submit all the URL’s in the “Additional Information” section on our checkout page. The minimum number is 100 likes/page. This means that our 1,000 likes package can be spread among a maximum of 10 URL’s.
Will these likes drop over time?
The likes we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

Enhancing Web Engagement with Likes

Website likes are an essential part of your social media strategy. With them, each page on your website appears to be popular and trustworthy. When you appear to be popular and trustworthy, people are more engaged in what you have to say. Your bounce rate will be lower, and your conversion rate will be higher.

Viral or steady – it’s up to you

We can deliver your website likes at any interval you specify. If you’re looking to create a viral effect behind your pages, then we can help you with that. If you’d rather take the slow and steady route, then we can space out your website likes over any period that you wish. Need strategic advice? Reach out!

Real accounts, real traffic

All of our website likes come from real people with real accounts who like your page. We don’t operate any sort of “bot” accounts or anything similar. Instead, we just market your pages to people who would be interested in it – that’s the only way it should be done.

You get real traffic from the website likes because a website always shows up on the user’s activity log, and sometimes even shows up on his newsfeed. People on Facebook are aimlessly browsing the web. When they see that one of their friends is also browsing the web and saw something interesting, then they’re going to shift their attention away from Facebook and onto your site.

person clicking on their phone while imaginary interactions come out

No tricks, no ethical dilemmas

Other social companies will use deceptive tactics to try and trick users into liking your pages. This will result in an influx of website likes which quickly drop off after your order is finished. We don’t do that – only real people who actually like your page will hit that rectangular blue Like button.

This means that the numbers on your pages will never drop off. Once you buy website likes from us, they’re there to stay.

And you don’t even need to have the external Facebook like plugin on your site yet. If you want to integrate it only after you have website likes on each page, that’s fine. We’ll implement the button externally and no extra effort is required from you. Just let us know when you order.

Website Likes Recap

  • Website likes make your pages (and homepage) look popular and trustworthy
  • All of our website likes come from real people and the likes will never drop off
  • We can send your likes at any rate you’d like, anywhere from a snail’s crawl to a viral avalanche

Scroll up, select your package, and start experiencing what quality website likes can do for you and your website.

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