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Build an audience of genuine, engaged listeners​

We don’t send everyone and anyone to listen your music. All of our listeners meet certain strict criteria.

Your music is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your listeners over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The listeners we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Easy and fast order process
Written by Elias Bass  23 Jul, 2023
The monthly listeners were delivered sooner than advertised. The order process was quick and I was happy to hear they did not require any login details on my end. This site delivers on their promises, and I am happy to work with them again.
RedSocial = SMM kings!
Written by Lloyd Frye  03 Sep, 2022
I’m so happy I decided to give this site a shot. Getting noticed on Spotify is no easy task. There are thousands of tracks posted every minute and it’s no wonder why finding my tracks is like finding a needle in the haystack. I purchase Spotify services for my channel regularly and I’m seeing the wheels are starting to be put in motion.
This team is a musician's best friend
Written by Stefan Lynch  09 May, 2022
RedSocial has become my go-to place for Spotify promotions. Their Monthly Listeners service has had a big impact on my channel. My songs are getting more attention, and I'm attracting new listeners every day. RedSocial, you're a musician's best friend!
RedSocial's makes a real Impact
Written by Emma Lang  11 Oct, 2021
RedSocial's services made a real impact on my music career. The increase in monthly listeners has been very easy and straightforward. I think RedSocial is a must-try for any musician looking to gain traction on Spotify.
My Spotify presence is on top!
Written by Anisa Moon  23 Jun, 2020
I purchased Monthly Listeners, and my music's visibility has soared. The added listeners have attracted genuine music enthusiasts, and I'm seeing a significant increase in streams and engagement. I really think this has an impact on Spotify’s algorithm.
More Monthly Listeners make a difference!
Written by Elsa Stein  21 May, 2020
As an independent artist, getting my music noticed is crucial, and RedSocial has helped me achieve just that. My monthly listeners have skyrocketed, and I've gained a dedicated fan base. RedSocial, you're the best!

The significance of monthly listeners

Spotify Monthly listeners are a very important metric that allow people to see the recent viewership of an artist. Monthly listeners are unique people who listen to your music in a 28 day period of time. It helps you understand the recent performance of an artist and their releases. This metric keeps your Spotify page up to date and makes your profile and music better known.

Why should you buy them?

Since monthly listeners are the first thing people view on your profile it reflects your reputation and helps you increase your reach. If your play count and monthly listeners don’t go hand by hand it gives the impression of temporary popularity.

Getting your name out there won’t be easy, but we are here to give you a boost!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I see changes in my Monthly Listeners after a new release?
Changes in Monthly Listeners can be observed almost immediately after a new release as new and existing listeners engage with your new music.
Are Monthly Listeners more important than followers on Spotify?
Monthly Listeners and followers serve different purposes. Monthly Listeners reflect short-term engagement and recent popularity, while followers indicate a long-term interest in your music.
Is there a direct relationship between Spotify plays and Monthly Listeners?
While plays can contribute to Monthly Listeners, they don't correlate directly. You can have multiple plays from the same listener, but they will only count as one Monthly Listener. For a better marketing plan you can also buy Spotify Plays!
Why are Monthly Listeners important for artists on Spotify?
Monthly Listeners give insights into an artist's current audience size and engagement level. This metric is crucial for understanding recent performance, gauging interest over time, and attracting new listeners and potential collaborators.
Will I need to share my password to access services?
Absolutely not. We will never request your password. The only requirement from you is a valid link to your Spotify artist profile.
Where can I view my Spotify Monthly Listeners?
You can find your updated Spotify Monthly Listeners statistics daily on your artist profile.
Are Spotify Monthly Listeners permanent?
No, the count of Spotify Monthly Listeners resets every 28 days. This rolling window ensures that your Monthly Listener count reflects the unique listeners for the most recent 28-day period.
What are Spotify Monthly Listeners?
'Monthly Listeners' on Spotify refers to the count of unique individuals who play your music within a specific 28-day period.
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