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On the surface, YouTube is oriented around videos. Without them, it wouldn’t exist. There’s a lot more to it, though.

The majority of the time, users don’t just watch a video. They’re actively scrolling around the page and looking at different things, usually the comments. There’s nothing like reading hundreds of different viewpoints about a topic you’re passionate about, or grabbing the popcorn and watching two strangers argue endlessly.

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Haven't you ever got carried away in the comment section?

We don’t send everyone and anyone to comment on your video. All of our comments meet certain strict criteria.

Your video is advertised to a global, English-speaking audience
We can drip your comments over a custom period of time to ensure natural growth
The comments we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Say Goodbye to Neglect, Buy Video Comments
Written by Amber Campbell  05 Aug, 2023
As a musician trying to promote my songs, it was disheartening posting videos with barely any comments. Purchasing real, relevant comments from RedSocial made my videos appear engaging overnight! Now the fans are rolling in. Don't wait around for organic comments that never come. Buy them and reap the rewards!
YouTube Comments That Spark Interaction!
Written by Daniel Roberts  19 Feb, 2023
I decided to try RedSocial's YouTube Comment service, and I'm thrilled with the outcome. The thoughtful comments they deliver have sparked meaningful interaction on my videos. It's clear that real people are engaging with my content, which has led to more views and subscribers. RedSocial's YouTube Comment service is a valuable tool for any content creator looking to boost their channel's engagement.
Don’t hesitate. RedSocial delivers quality
Written by Conor Wayne  01 Feb, 2022
I wasn’t convinced at first, but this comment service really worked! The comments come from real people, not fake profiles. I purchased 50 YouTube comments and all of them were delivered exactly as I asked. I highly recommend RedSocial and will be purchasing more soon!
Fantastic Kickstart for each video
Written by Johnny Owen  19 Apr, 2021
When I upload a video on my channel, I kick-start it with YouTube comments from RedSocial. This helps me start off discussions on the comment section and increase the engagement on my videos. At first I used to provide the text for each comment, but the team on this site write in perfect English, and I've fully entrusted the process to them now.
Best Customer support
Written by Edgar Wise  24 Feb, 2021
Thank you for your help! At first I didn't know how to make a purchase, but a friendly RedSocial support member helped me with the process. The comments I needed came almost immediately. They are genuine and of the highest quality, as advertised. I will definitely be using this service again.
5 star service
Written by Clark Snow  12 Aug, 2020
I have been making videos on YouTube for a couple of years, but it always was a hobby. I wanted to change that and make YouTube more than that and for that I needed more engagement. A part I was struggling with were the comments, since I don’t make controversial content and my videos don’t spike comment section wars. I ordered YouTube comments from RedSocial and I started to see the difference immediately. They gave me some extra advice as well on my videos.
Real People
Written by Grady Sullivan  13 May, 2019
I must say that I am very satisfied with RedSocial’s service and the comments I purchased. The comments you buy with the YouTube comments package are written by real people which is essential because your channel looks legit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do YouTube comments affect viewer engagement and decision-making?
YouTube comments play a crucial role in influencing viewer engagement and decision-making. Before committing their time to watch a video, viewers often read through the comments to gauge others' opinions and reactions. Comments can serve as a form of social proof, reassuring potential viewers that the video is worth watching. A lively comment section, filled with diverse viewpoints and discussions, can significantly enhance a video's appeal, encouraging more viewers to watch and engage with your content.
How can I ensure the comments purchased look authentic and not generic?
When ordering YouTube comments from us, you have the option to tailor the comments to fit your video's content and your audience's interests. All the comments we provide will look authentic and relevant to your video. This customization helps in avoiding the pitfall of generic comments, which can sometimes have the opposite effect and deter viewers. 
How do I find the comments viewers have left on my YouTube videos?
If you're a YouTuber looking to view comments left on your videos, simply navigate to YouTube Studio. Once logged in, select "Comments" from the left-hand menu. This section will display all comments on your videos, allowing you to manage them—reply, delete, or report—as necessary. YouTube Studio organizes comments for easy moderation, helping you engage with your audience directly from this dashboard.
Can I put comments on different videos, or do they all have to be on one?
Yes, you can split your comments over several videos. This way, more of your videos get a boost in engagement, not just one. Just let us know how you'd like to divide them up when you order.
Can you add comments to videos if my YouTube channel is private?
We need your videos to be public to add comments. If your channel or videos are private, we can't see them to leave comments. Make sure your videos are set to public before ordering comments.
How should I handle spam or inappropriate comments on my YouTube videos?
Managing your YouTube comment section by moderating spam or inappropriate comments is essential for maintaining a positive community environment. YouTube provides tools for filtering and reviewing comments before they're posted. Removing or reporting spam and inappropriate comments can help keep the discussion relevant and respectful.
What strategies can I use to encourage constructive commenting on my videos?
To encourage constructive commenting, you can start by asking thought-provoking questions in your videos and inviting viewers to share their opinions in the comments. Highlighting and pinning insightful comments or hosting Q&A sessions based on viewer comments can also promote a culture of meaningful engagement on your channel.
Can I interact with the comments provided by your service?
Yes, you're encouraged to reply to the comments provided by our service. Engaging with these comments can foster a more vibrant and interactive community around your videos. Responding to comments shows your audience that you're active and value their input, which can encourage further engagement from both new and existing viewers.

Here’s why comments are 100% necessary:

Getting a YouTube video off of the ground isn’t that difficult in theory – if you buy some YouTube views from us, then it might seem like that’s all you need.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. People don’t just look at the view count and then commit to watching the video – they almost always scroll right to the comments and see what people are saying about it before watching it all of the way through.

Unless you are a major player and people have seen your videos before, people are going to be weary of your video. How long is your average video? That’s how long they have to take out of their lives to sit down and watch it.

They want some confirmation that it’s a good video before committing with their time.

That’s where comments come into play

With our comments, your viewers will receive the confirmation they need. Comments open the door for new comments, too.

If your videos don’t have a lot of comments on them, they don’t look popular. It’s as simple as that. Buying comments from us will make you look like you have an active fan base commenting, and others will join into the discussion with less hesitation than if you had none.

phone showing youtube channel

We tailor to your needs and objectives

If you would like us to include particular hashtags or mentions in the comments we post, please list them in the order notes section when you order.

If you would like to see a preview of the comments before we post them, please mention that in the order notes section when you order.

Additionally, if you already have a list of comments, we can arrange to post exactly what you want. Please include them in the order notes section when you order.

Where other providers fall short

Lots of people sell YouTube comments, but we’re the best bet – our prices are cheaper than theirs are, and our comments are typed out individually to cater to your videos specifically.

Other companies will just send a bunch of generic comments. While this will increase the comment count, it won’t do what you need it to do – provide that confirmation from people who are deciding whether to watch it or not. In fact, it can do the opposite – if the comments are all generic, then viewers will know that they were purchased, and that will make them distrust you.

Some providers use the same exact comments to each customer, too. YouTube can pick up on this and flag your video down. Don’t risk going with anyone who cuts corners, especially regarding comments.

We don’t see you as a customer – we see you as a client. We’re going to blow you away with the quality of our comments so that you’ll come back for more comments and other YouTube services that we offer.

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