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YouTube Management Services

At RedSocial, our dedicated YouTube Management Services are structured to significantly amplify your channel’s visibility and subscriber engagement. By leveraging strategic marketing methods, we commit to enhancing the reach and impact of your content. Our experts initiate a 30-day intensive campaign tailored to your channel’s unique needs, aiming for substantial growth in viewership and an increase in your subscriber count. Trust our precision and expertise to elevate your YouTube presence in a competitive digital landscape.

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Our services focus on a complete strategy for the best results:
Best Results
Our strategy is straightforward: deliver the engagement metrics you desire. We assess your channel's needs and tailor our services to provide the exact number of views, likes, comments, and subscribers you have specified. This direct approach ensures that you see the impact of our services in clear, measurable terms.
Long-Term Growth
We understand the importance of a natural progression in channel growth. Therefore, we incrementally deliver the requested engagement metrics over the campaign's duration. This pacing is crucial to facilitate a more organic growth pattern, thereby solidifying your channel's credibility and retaining viewer trust.
Subscriber and Viewer Requirements
RedSocial provides a reliable increase in engagement by fulfilling the exact numbers of subscribers, likes, comments, and views that you, our client, have targeted. While we focus on the quantity of engagement metrics, it is the quality content that you provide which will foster a loyal subscriber base.

Customize and Buy YouTube Management Services

Having the ability to tailor your YouTube campaign to match your specific goals is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Our customizable campaign slider empowers you with that flexibility, ensuring you can fine-tune the specifics of your promotional strategy. Whether you’re looking to boost a single video or enhance your channel’s overall metrics, our service adapts to your objectives. This level of control allows for a personalized approach to increasing views, likes, comments, and subscribers, providing you with a service that truly aligns with your ambitions and targets. With our slider, you set the parameters; we deliver the results that matter to you.

Packages Overview

At RedSocial, we provide a variety of simplified plan options to meet the diverse needs of our YouTube clients. Understanding that every channel has unique goals, we’ve designed our packages to cater to a range of requirements, from the emerging vlogger to the established enterprise.

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Simplified Plan Options

Choose from our tiered service packages — Starter, Active, Entrepreneur, or Viral — each crafted to match different scales of promotional needs. Our packages are structured to build your channel’s metrics, ensuring there is a perfect fit for your level of engagement.


Transparent Pricing

We believe in clear and straightforward pricing. The cost of each package is upfront, with no hidden fees or complex contracts. Our pricing reflects our commitment to providing value at every level of service, making it easier for you to budget and plan for your channel’s growth.


24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you. Whether you have a question about your package, need technical support, or require assistance in making a decision, we’re here to provide professional and prompt service.


Flexibility to Change or Cancel Anytime

We understand that your needs may evolve as your channel grows. That’s why we offer the flexibility to change your package or cancel your service at any point. Our goal is to support your channel’s development, adapting as necessary to ensure your YouTube success.

Customizable Packages

Whether you’re at the inception of your channel or looking to scale up, our services are designed to match your trajectory. For those interested in enhancing their channel’s appeal further, we also offer the option to buy YouTube favorites, a service tailored to spotlight your content and increase its prominence. Each of our packages is modifiable to fit your specific goals, guaranteeing that the support you receive is precisely what your channel requires to thrive.

Starter Package

Ideal for new channels or those looking to test the waters. This package offers a basic boost in subscribers, views, and likes, providing a foundational increase to help you start building your presence on YouTube.


Active Package

Designed for growing channels seeking to maintain momentum. This package includes a higher number of subscribers, views, and likes, helping to keep your channel’s growth steady and visible.


Entrepreneur Package

Tailored for established channels aiming to accelerate their growth. This package delivers a substantial increase in all metrics, giving your channel a more pronounced boost in engagement and visibility.


Viral Package

Our most comprehensive package, suitable for channels aiming for maximal impact. It offers the highest number of subscribers, views, and likes, designed to propel your content into a higher realm of YouTube popularity.


Customizing and Purchasing Your Package

Selecting and customizing your YouTube management services with us is a straightforward and user-centric process. We offer a range of options to fit your unique channel needs and goals. Simply choose a package, tailor it to your specifications, and complete your purchase through our secure platform. Our intuitive system ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to start enhancing your YouTube presence quickly and efficiently.

Selecting Your Package:

Review the features of each package on our website and choose the one that best fits your channel’s current stage and goals.


Once you’ve selected a package, you can customize it further. Adjust the number of subscribers, views, and likes based on your specific needs.

Purchase Process:

Complete your purchase through our secure online platform. You’ll receive confirmation of your order and can expect prompt implementation of our services.

Consistency for Optimal Results

While our services provide a significant boost, consistent content posting remains key to long-term success on YouTube. We encourage all our clients to maintain a regular posting schedule to complement our promotional efforts and maximize the impact of our services.

YouTube Growth Services

Our service packages are designed with your YouTube success in mind, ensuring that you have the support and resources you need to thrive on the platform. Explore our offerings and find the right package to amplify your digital presence on YouTube with RedSocial.

Subscribers Service

  • We focus on delivering a specified number of subscribers, enhancing your channel’s reach and presence on YouTube.
  • Our service ensures that your channel makes a strong impact, encouraging viewers to subscribe.

Likes and Engagement

  • Likes are a crucial metric on YouTube. We provide a boost in likes, enhancing the perceived popularity and engagement of your videos.
  • Increased likes can lead to more active viewer engagement, contributing positively to your channel’s overall performance.

Views Service

  • We boost the view count of your videos shortly after publishing, helping to increase visibility and attract further attention.
  • Higher view counts can improve the chances of your videos being suggested by YouTube, leading to more organic views.
  • A boost in views can lead to greater organic engagement, as videos with higher view counts often attract more viewers.

Comments Service

  • YouTube comments are vital, offering viewers a platform to interact and share feedback. With our Youtube management services, we offer the option for you to specify your own text, ensuring comments align perfectly with your videos and brand voice.
  • To further encourage vibrant discussions, consider the opportunity to buy YouTube comments, enriching the conversation and boosting your channel’s active community.
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What to expect

When you choose our YouTube management services, expect a journey marked by transparency and consistent communication. From the moment you begin your partnership with us, we keep you informed every step of the way. Our process is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the strategies we implement and the progress your channel is making. Here’s an overview of the key stages in our campaign process.

Onboarding Email

  • Upon initiating your partnership with our services, you’ll receive an in-depth onboarding email within 2 business days.
  • This email outlines the key metrics and strategy that will drive our collaborative efforts to enhance your YouTube channel.

Campaign Execution

  • Our team starts fine-tuning your YouTube campaign immediately, focusing on strategic elements to maximize the visibility and engagement of your channel.
  • While we concentrate on the promotional aspects, maintaining or updating your content can complement our efforts. However, if new content creation is not possible, we excel in amplifying the reach of your existing videos.

Detailed Campaign Evaluation

  • Towards the end of your campaign, we provide a comprehensive evaluation via email.
  • This evaluation is a thorough analysis, not just a summary, highlighting the growth, achievements, and offering insights and future recommendations for your YouTube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can YouTube management services help reach the 4000 hours of watch time needed for monetization?
Our YouTube management services primarily boost standard views, which are distinct from watch time views. It's crucial to note that our standard views service doesn't guarantee specific watch time increases, which are essential for meeting YouTube's monetization criteria of 4000 hours. If you're specifically targeting watch time to qualify for monetization, alongside achieving the necessary subscriber count, we advise getting in touch with us in advance. By doing so, we can tailor a custom campaign dedicated to increasing your watch time, ensuring it aligns with your monetization goals effectively.
Will buying YouTube services affect my channel's authenticity?
Our services are designed to enhance your channel's growth organically without compromising authenticity. We provide genuine engagement from real users, ensuring that the growth you experience is legitimate and aligns with YouTube's policies.
Is it possible to target specific demographics with YouTube management services?
Our YouTube management services focus on boosting your channel's views and engagement overall, without targeting specific groups of people directly. However, if you're looking to reach a certain audience, just let us know! We can chat about what you need and see how we might help out with a more customized plan.
How does subscriber growth through management services impact my channel?
Subscriber growth through our YouTube management services can profoundly impact your channel by establishing a larger, more engaged audience base. This not only enhances your channel's credibility but also increases its organic reach and potential for viewer interaction.
Can I measure the ROI of investing in YouTube management services?
Measuring the ROI of investing in our YouTube management services can be seen through various metrics, including increased views, higher engagement rates, and subscriber growth. Monitoring these changes over time will give you a clear picture of the investment's impact on your channel's performance.
Do YouTube management services include creating content for my channel?
Our YouTube management services focus on promoting your existing content through increased views, likes, comments, and subscribers. We do not create new content but work to maximize the visibility and engagement of the content you've already produced.
How quickly will I see results from YouTube management services?
The timeline for seeing results from our YouTube management services can vary based on the specific goals and the scale of the campaign. However, many clients begin to see noticeable improvements in engagement and visibility within a few weeks of starting their campaign.
Can YouTube management services help my videos appear in search results more frequently?
Yes, by enhancing your videos' engagement metrics, our YouTube management services can improve their ranking in search results. Higher view counts, likes, and comments can signal to YouTube that your content is valuable, making it more likely to appear in relevant search queries.
What happens if I'm not able to upload videos?
If you don't have new content to upload, we'll focus on promoting the existing videos on your channel. Our services are designed to enhance the visibility and engagement of the content you've already created, ensuring continuous growth and audience engagement, even without new uploads.
Can I specify which video is promoted?
Yes, you can specify which video you'd like us to focus on for promotion. If you're uploading more videos per week than are included in your package, simply let us know which particular video you want to prioritize, and we'll tailor our promotional efforts accordingly. This flexibility allows you to highlight key content that aligns with your strategic goals or current campaigns.

Check Our Reviews

Great value service
Written by Rehan Beltran  02 Aug, 2023
I was purchasing YouTube services individually on this site for a few weeks, then a support member reached out to me and recommended I have a look into these monthly package options. It’s much more affordable purchasing these bundle packages compared to ordering them one-by-one. Thanks for the great support!
The best way to grow your YouTube page
Written by Clementine Solis  10 Apr, 2023
I'm a stay-at-home mom and record family-friendly content as a hobby. I heard that YouTube does not prioritize videos, unless their algorithm notices regular engagement for the said videos, which is why I gave RedSocial a try. To be honest I was impressed at the effectiveness that these monthly packages had for my channel. I’m gaining more views, likes & comments than I purchased!
Great Service! Increased My Views and Subscribers
Written by Kiera Sutton  21 Apr, 2020
I've been using RedSocial's Active YouTube Monthly Package for a few months now and I'm really impressed with the results. I've seen a significant increase in my views and subscribers since I started using their service. The customer service is also excellent. They're always quick to respond to my questions and help me with any problems I have. Overall, I highly recommend RedSocial to anyone looking to grow their YouTube channel.
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