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SoundCloud, Spotify, or your local radio station. Charts on every one of them are organized using the same metric – popularity. Straightforward. The more likes you have, the more you will get and the higher you will rise.

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We don’t send everyone and anyone to like your track. All of our likes meet certain strict criteria.

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The likes we provide come from genuinely real users and will remain stable over time
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Enhancing SoundCloud Appeal
Written by Daniel Roberts  07 Jun, 2023
It's incredible how these likes have made a significant difference in my SoundCloud journey. The surge in likes has not only boosted my tracks' credibility but has also attracted more listeners and engagement. Keep up the great work!
SoundCloud Likes - My Secret Weapon for Sonic Domination
Written by Dennis Powell  09 Feb, 2023
I produce unique beats but was stuck in obscurity. Copping high-quality likes from RedSocial made my tracks look in-demand. My cool quotient went through the roof! Now the hottest rappers rap over my beats. When you need music credibility fast, likes are your secret weapon. Don't sleep on this cheat code!
I could not recommend these guys enough!
Written by Glenn Potter  08 Feb, 2022
I purchased SoundCloud likes for my track through Redsocial and it motivated other people to like my track. I noticed more likes coming in even after my order was marked as completed. Thanks a bunch RedSocial!
Better than I expected!
Written by Mack Hart  23 Jun, 2021
Redsocial's service improved how my track looked to other people. With more likes, my track seemed more popular and credible, which encouraged others to listen and like my track as well.
So happy I decided to purchase from you!
Written by Brenda Douglas  02 Jun, 2021
I was hesitant to buy SoundCloud likes, but Redsocial's service was reliable. The likes were stable and never dropped. I have had some bad experiences with other sites in the past and I’m glad I gave this site a shot.
I use this service all the time
Written by Faith Padilla  03 Nov, 2020
I use Redsocial's service for all of my tracks. Buying SoundCloud likes has helped me increase the visibility and popularity of all my tracks.
Will definitely buy more likes
Written by Kim Montgomery  23 Feb, 2020
I bought 500 SoundCloud likes for my track on Redsocial and it helped get my music in front of more listeners. I noticed an increase in plays and engagement on my track, and I will definitely order again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out who has liked my SoundCloud tracks?
You're able to see who has liked your tracks on SoundCloud by visiting the specific track's page.
What information is necessary to purchase SoundCloud likes?
When buying SoundCloud likes, you'll need to provide the URL of the song you want to receive likes for, as well as your payment details. We ensure your payment information is never stored.
Is it possible to distribute the purchased Likes across multiple tracks?
Absolutely, you can distribute likes across several tracks. Simply include the additional SoundCloud URLs and specify your distribution preferences in the comments section at checkout, and we'll accommodate your request.
How do purchased Likes benefit my SoundCloud presence?
Likes increase the visibility of your tracks within the network and can potentially help you rank in the SoundCloud charts. We provide genuine likes, which are instrumental in expanding your fanbase.
Can the users who liked my track also follow me or engage with my content in other ways?
Yes, since the likes come from real users, there's a chance they might follow you or interact with your content further if they enjoy your music. However, we don't directly control user actions beyond providing likes.
Can I purchase likes for tracks that are set to private on SoundCloud?
Our service requires that your track is public to receive likes. Please make sure your track is visible to all SoundCloud users before proceeding with the purchase for the best outcomes.
How does social proof from likes translate into more live gig opportunities?
Social proof from likes significantly boosts your profile, making you more attractive to venues and event organizers. High engagement levels signal popularity and reliability, potentially leading to more live performance opportunities.
What's the process for tracking the progress and impact of purchased likes on my music?
Use SoundCloud's analytics tools to monitor increases in engagement, track performance improvements, and assess how purchased likes influence listener behavior and overall track popularity.

Boost Your SoundCloud Tracks with Likes

Show the world listeners love your music with Red Social SoundCloud likes. To become a successful artist, you really just need two things:

  • Create music people love.

  • Get proof that shows people love your music.

We can help you with the second. Wouldn’t you be enticed to click on a song even if you had never heard it, but it had thousands of likes. Wouldn’t you be curious to hear it?

Most would. That’s how people find new music to listen to. They listen to what’s already popular. Here’s what we can get you:

  • Peaked interest levels. SoundCloud listeners pay attention to songs that have high numbers of likes. Your tracks will get clicked on and listened to more frequently.
  • Extended listens. Even if the listener doesn’t love your song right away, they are more likely to continue listening because of the increased like count.
  • Greater chance of organic likes. Listeners are more likely to click “Like” if hundreds or thousands of other listeners already have done so.
  • Free SoundCloud promotion. The SoundCloud suggestion algorithm is partially based on the ratio of plays to likes. If you add likes to your track, your Play/Like ratio will be better, and SoundCloud will recommend your songs to others at a higher rate.

Scroll up and select your package to get started today. Trust Red Social, the web’s leading social signal marketing agency, to give your SoundCloud the boost it deserves. All orders are risk-free and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

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Why Red Social for SoundCloud Marketing?

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