How To Purchase Services With Account Balance On RedSocial?

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image showing my balance

In order to ensure a speedy delivery of the services on our site, we recommend you process orders with account balance. To add funds to your RedSocial account, you first need to make sure that you have registered an account on our site:

If you have not registered an account, you can create one via the above link.

Once you’ve created an account, you can add funds through our user dashboard. Or if you prefer you can also email us the amount of funds you’d like to add to your account via: or through our contact form:

Funds added through our user dashboard will become instantly available. Whilst accounts funds added via email are credited once you’ve processed the payment link, which we’ll provide.

Your current account balance will appear on your user dashboard:

redsocial's dashboard with a squad outline indicating to the "my balance" section

To place an order using account funds you can do so by using our “Quick Order” feature on the user dashboard, or select “Account Funds” on the checkout page:

redsocial's account balance checkout section