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Unwrap Your Highlights: How to Find Spotify Wrapped 2023

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Find out more about Spotify Wrapped 2023

Every year-end, Spotify Claus delivers people their musical gifts Wrapped in unique ways. A vibrant package formed from the jams that made you dance, cry, laugh, and maybe even sing a bit too loudly in the shower. And you’ve probably seen your friends sharing their colourful, dynamic Wrapped stories on social media, boasting about their eclectic music tastes or their undying loyalty to that one band (you know the one). But have you uncovered your own musical story yet?

So, whether you’re a Spotify rookie eager to discover what all the fuss is about, or a seasoned pro just waiting to dive into this year’s stats, this guide is your backstage pass to understanding and pinpointing your Spotify Wrapped 2023.

Spotify Wrapped 2023 Overview

Alright, let’s crank up the volume on what Spotify Wrapped is about. Envision a scenario where every music session is recorded—your favourite tunes, the time invested, and preferred artists neatly catalogued, and annually, you receive some cool stats.

With the changing of the year on the horizon, Spotify showcases your yearly statistics. Think back to the week you listened to Dua Lipa for three hours a day. Spotify has taken notes of that day, and it’s ready to take you down the memory lane.

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When is Spotify Wrapped Out?

Timing is everything, right? Spotify Wrapped usually arrives in early December, timely enough to boost the festive atmosphere. This year it dropped on November 29th, even earlier. Here are some past dates of it’s release:

  • Wrapped 2022: November 30
  • Wrapped 2021: December 1
  • Wrapped 2020: December 1
  • Wrapped 2019: December 5
  • Wrapped 2018: December 6

Spotify Wrapped Period of Tracking

In order to get a list or statistics, Spotify needs to track down your musical activity. Usually these tracking lasts between 1st of January up until 31st of October. No love is displayed towards November and December, which are excluded from the tracking period as the focus shifts to preparing and releasing Wrapped in early December.

How to Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2023

  • Open Spotify: Start by opening Spotify on your phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Find the Wrapped Banner: As you navigate through, spot the Spotify Wrapped banner. It’s hanging out atop your screen colourfully, next to Music and Podcasts.
  • Press and Explore: Go ahead, and press the icon. Now you can enjoy your annual recap too, alongside your mix of tunes you vibed to in 2023.
  • Share the Fun: Found something surprising or a stat you’re proud of? A “Share” button will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Don’t Miss the Playlists: Besides the statistics, Wrapped additionally offers personalised playlists, like ‘Your Top Songs 2023’ and ‘2023 in Music’. Here you will find a mix of your most favourite songs of the previous year. Want your playlists to reach a wider audience? Learn how to increase your Spotify Playlist Followers and expand your reach.

In just a few taps, you’ve travelled through a year’s worth of tunes. Enjoy reliving those musical memories!

steps to find spotify wrapped 2023

Unique Features of Spotify Wrapped 2023

This year took a vibrant turn for our favorite music streaming service, with Wrapped returning as colorful as ever:

Sound Town – Imagine a city built entirely on your music tastes. That’s ‘Sound Town’, a highlight that matches you with a city that resonates with your preference. Browse “Wrapped Mapped” to explore the chart-toppers around the globe.

Me in 2023 – A neat addition to this year’s Wrapped is this feature. It describes you as a listener in a similar way to Tarot cards. Flip the card and meet the musical persona that’s been rocking out with you all year. I was the Collector. Which one are you?

Top 5 Genres – Presented in a fancy, sandwich-inspired design, this part shows how your favorite music genres layer up against each other.

an image showing off some new features on this year's spotify wrapped

Top 5 Artists – This year, Wrapped doesn’t just tell you who your top artists are; it also reveals the month when your listening to each artist peaked.

Your Artist Messages – Imagine getting a shoutout from your favourite artist. With ‘Your Artist Messages,’ one of your top artists will slide into your Wrapped with a special message just for you.

A Wrapped for Artists and Creators – It’s not just listeners who get all the joy. Musicians, writers, and podcast creators get their special moments too. The ‘Artist and Creator Wrapped’ allows them to celebrate and discover how their fans enjoyed their creations during the year.

Understanding Spotify Wrapped: Key Questions Answered

Now that we’ve rocked through the unique feats of Spotify Wrapped 2023, let’s jam into some key aspects that might be dancing in your mind.

Is Spotify Wrapped Public or Private?

It’s a blend of both worlds! Your stories and playlists remain private by default. However, you have the option to share them with your friends whenever you want.

Is Spotify Wrapped still available?

Missed the Spotify Wrapped launch? No worries, you haven’t missed out yet! Wrapped generally remains accessible in the Spotify app for a while after its debut, though the exact duration can vary from annually. So, there’s still a chance to explore your recap.

Accessing Past Years' Spotify Wrapped

Can you see past years spotify wrapped? While the stories are gone, your past playlists remain. You can locate these playlists in the ‘Made for You’ section or under ‘Your Library’ in the app.

Does Spotify Wrapped Count Offline Listening?

Spotify Wrapped covers both your online and offline activities. This includes every sound you vibe to offline. Every song you’ve listened to on Spotify, regardless of your connection status, contributes to your Wrapped data.

Closing Chords

As we wrap up our dive into Spotify Wrapped 2023, remember it’s more than just data – it’s a musical reflection of your year. Looking to grow your presence on Spotify? Discover our services to boost your Spotify Monthly Listeners and take your music to new heights.

Don’t forget to share your Wrapped highlights on your socials, and keep following us for more music insights and updates. Until next time, happy listening, and here’s to discovering even more great music in the year ahead!